GRANADO Body What Fits Discussion Thread

Dec 23, 2011

    1. This is a thread that discuss what and which size clothes are fit for Granado's bodies.
      Say for example 64cm and 68cm Male bodies or 62cm female body.

      And here is the Granado news of what fits their male body.
      Clothes size of 68cm Long Leg Body

      So the male body is:
      64cm male body - SD17 size shirt and SD13 pants
      68cm male body - SD17 size shirt and SD17 pants

      May i know if SSDF or Super gem size can fit too?
      And I would like to see some female sizes too! Can anyone share your 62cm female photos? :)
    2. I'd like to recommend Guess SD-size jeans for the 64cm guys. Really nice fit!

      I've been trying things on my Sidonia. She is not too much bigger than the old large busted Elfdoll girls, but she's a different shape. Her shoulders are broad and waist is small. I have her in an SD16-sized qipao from Stacy's Pink Ocean, and it's not too bad.

      I hope to take pictures of them in different outfits and post them soon.
    3. I recommend some Volks Dollfie Dream size clothes for Sidonia. And she can fit some SD16 clothes too.
    4. hoping to bring this back to life....I hope to be getting one of the 64 boy bodies in the next few weeks and it only just occurred to me that he won't have clothes D:
    5. The body I was waiting for came in on Friday. So here are a few pictures.

      Height comparison. Soom super gem, granado 68cm w/chrom head, Luts SSDF
      SM Super Gem, Granado 68cm, Luts SSDF by Lucky XIII, on Flickr

      Closer view showing him wearing a SSDF outfit. The vest I think I got from Tatas and I think is the SD17 size. Also, you can't seen them in this picture but the shoes he are wearing are regular SD sized shoes! He has tiny feet for a 68cm doll.
      100_8699 by Lucky XIII, on Flickr
    6. 68cm wearing a Soul Doll Zenith sized outfit. A little long in the arms but fits perfectly.

      100_8934 by Lucky XIII, on Flickr
    7. This is a SODA outfit - SD16 on the Granado Nuevo body. The skirt is a perfect fit - the top just a smidgin large but I believe it still looks good on her.
    8. I I have an SD-13 outfit from Dollheart and the pants fit but the sleeves are a tad short on the arms. I have an SD-17 from Dollheart and it is a perfect fit. I find my SD-13s sometime fit depending on the company. My Soom super gem items fit my Granado 64 - and that Soom body is a bit thinner, so was surprised they fit. My Iplehouse SID jeans fit nicely.:)
    9. I tried a Switch "Oh!myChef" outfit on Boyd (64cm body), the shirt is tight but it can fit. (It could not button up around the chest.)
      However, the pants cannot fit, it's too tight for him.
      Here is the picture:

    10. How does the 64cm body fit Senior Delf clothes? Both tops and bottoms. ^^
    11. I have some "what fits" info for the 68cm body - which I love, BTW!

      I had bought two Dollheart outfits for him - "My Mother Has Killed Me - Father" (70cm) and "Crooked Cat" (SD17). The 70cm fit wonderfully - no issues at all. The SD17 all fit, but it was a little scary getting the pantalettes over his calves, and the jacket will only fit if there's no shirt under it. I guess I need a sleeveless dress shirt.

      He fit into a pair of Volks SD shoes I'd been meaning to sell, because I thought they looked too big on my UH-11 - I'm glad now I kept them! The shoes aren't on the website anymore, but they're a regular black leather dress shoe with laces. They're even a little bit loose, with socks, but the proportion is great (not like clown shoes).

      He also fit in a pair of Dollheart steampunk boots for SD, but I couldn't get them zipped all the way on his calves - he has some major calves. I'd love to find some boots that fit - I guess I need SD boots with wide tops.

      I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for more Dollheart 70cm outfits for him. Hope this helps!
    12. Yes... those calves.... *sigh* If they weren't so damn hot, I'd spend my time cursing them. ^^

      I've found that with boots, it is best to buy ones that lace up in the front - even if there is a zipper in the back. That way you can loosen the laces to accommodate his bulk. As an example, my 68cm body is currently wearing these boots. They tie at the front and zip up at the back. Once I adjusted the lacing, they fit like a dream.
    13. Good tip! I'll keep my eyes open for the ones with laces.
    14. Shoes I made for my Soom Supergem boys (old body, at least) fit perfectly on my Granado 64cm "old" body.
    15. bought a pair of supergem pants for my 64cm boy, they fit fine :)
    16. As I mentioned, the 68cm long leg body can wear Luts SSD size clothes. The Nuevo body CANNOT. It is just too big everywhere. I have a very very stretch top on the nuevo body that is part of an angell-studio set but I can't remember where the pants are from.

      My girl is on the Nuevo body and she can fit into Soom Super Gem girl clothes.
    17. Yay, more info for the Discussion thread links!

      Derp, I should have known that! I have a slightly stretchy pair of pants originally sized for a Supergem guy, and those are the pants Aiden (64cm body) inherited out of the collective wardrobe stash. They do fit him very well.
    18. I'm considering buy a boy from Granado and wanted the nuevo body. This thread is really being helpful.
    19. Anyone have a new 64 size and freedom teller/ sadol input?