Sales Promotion [ GRANADO ] CoverDollie : A new cosmetics

Mar 31, 2020

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      Have you ever feel frustrated to buy a BJD and have to paint them with specific BJD make up products?
      Have you ever imagine using the same make up products for both yourself and your BJD?
      Granado proudly presents, CoverDollie,

      a new cosmetics that can be used by both human and BJD!

      1: Made from out of the world material (products vary from marker, pastel and acrylic)
      2: No MSC is required
      3: Natural colour and long lasting
      4: Easy to clean, acetone? No need!
      5: Tested by over 10000 dolls, none have allergic reactions


      CoverDollie includes the following products:
      Eye shadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Powder box, Lipstick, Powder brush and many more.
      We will make you and your dolls glow in perfection.

      Marker pastel acrylic, the perfect Trinity.


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    2. Glad there is a makeup for dolls with sensitive skin. Is CoverDollie made for all shades? My dolls have many varied skintones, including green.
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    3. Is the makeup with SPF? Gotta protect myself and my dolls from the UV rays :lol:
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    4. Are the products suitable for dolls (and their owners) who suffer from adult acne? ;)
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    5. That’s great no bjds have had any allergic reactions! Allergen free is very important! :3nodding:
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    6. You guys are too awesome. My bjds and I need something to make wrinkles disappear with use. :lol: Love ❤️ you for always thinking of us.
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    7. Hate to tell ya, but you never put on makeup thick enough to make an spf in makeup to be worthwhile. If you foundation or be cream says spf30, I can almost garuntee you put on less than 5spf's worth of material.
    8. You underestimate my dedication to the pancake look!

      Can this be used on vinyl dolls too?

      And are there shades suited to male dolls? Several of mine are dying for some guyliner and lip gloss.
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    9. Were the dolls humanely tested?
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    10. Is it water resistant? Do not forget, some of our dolls live under water. One of my guys is a ice dragon, so he sometimes tends to have moist skin. He also wants to enhance his features, after all.
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    11. Granado never ceases to amaze! <3
    12. Do you have any photos of the product on a doll? I'd like to see how vibrant the colors are.
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    13. Finally, a product for both me and my doll! Thanks Granado!
    14. :lol::lol::lol::lol: I love your sense of humor! Look forward to it every year. Thank you!
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    15. :lol: I have surrealistic mental image of coming home from work one day and finding my tinies trying to look innocent while covered head to toe with powder, lipstick and gaudy blue eyeshadow....
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    16. It would be great if they can also include a sealer as an option.
    17. Is there a goth make up version of this? One of my boys loves his black lipstick and black nail polish.
      Another good April First post from the lovely folks at Granado, thanks for the much needed laugh this morning. ^_^
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    18. Thank you for this! Your annual April Fool post makes me feel like all's right with the world. :D
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    19. I always look forward to seeing Granado's April 1st posts
    20. Lol, Ian-kunX - "Guyliner"

      Does Coverdollie have any green or blue eye shadow? Human cosmetics are going only natural this season, and I'm running out of daytime-glam. Yes, I will fight my dolls for their makeup.