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Preorder [ GRANADO ] :: Different Size Vigor body Crowdfunding ::

Mar 27, 2018

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear all,

      We received so many requests that customers want to order our Vigor body, but the size doesn't fit what they want, so we thought up this deal.
      Since Vigor body is a 3D model, we can print out any size you want.
      If we received at least 5 orders for 1 size, we can start making it.

      Vigor body's crowdfuning works as follow:

      Crowdfunding period: From 28 / 03 / 2018 to 28 / 04 / 2018

      You can choose a size first, then click to order it with deposit. ($100)
      When we reach 5 orders for 1 size, we will send you an E-mail to ask for the remainder.
      Then you can make the full payment. (without shipping fee)
      We will ask for the shipping fee by mail after we made the doll.

      Different size prize is like above picture.

      If we cannot reach 5 orders for 1 size before deadline, we will refund your deposit.
      Thank you very much!

      :: Video of Male body Vigor ::

      :: Lucifer with faceup ::

      :: Crowdfunding status update 11/05/2018 ::

      Today we have some great news, our manufacturer offers us to make more 30-32cm Vigor body.
      If you didn't order him during the ordering period before and would want to get one,
      please visit the following page and order before 21st May, 2018.❤️

      30-32cm Vigor pack

      :: Webpage ::
      Vigor Crowdfunding : Vigor Crowdfunding
      30-32cm Vigor Package : 30-32cm Vigor pack
      40-43cm Vigor Package : 40-43cm Vigor pack
      45-48cm Vigor Package : 45-48cm Vigor pack
      50-53cm Vigor Package : 50-53cm Vigor pack

      Instagram : @granado.doll • Instagram photos and videos
      Facebook : Granado | Facebook
      Twitter : Granado (@DollGranado) | Twitter
      Tumblr : Granado Doll

      #1 ikaru, Mar 27, 2018
      Last edited: May 10, 2018
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    2. What would the different neck sizes be for each body?
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    3. Please excuse the question: Is this serious? I mean, it is almost 1st April...and you are famous for your April's jokes. If not (I mean, if it is a real offer), I want to apologize.
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    4. @Ipledreamer They posted about this a while ago on their instagram. I think it was about the beginning of the month? I think it is legitimate.

      Also, I'm super interested! The text mentions 'the body', but on your website it says the head is included in the set. I just want to double check: is the lucifer head is included with the listed prices here?
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    5. There is no layaway? I'm interested in the 40cm body
    6. The bodies are printed?
    7. They do mention casting
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    8. Ok, I understand better. Thanks!
    9. I would cut out my kidney for a 30cm Lucifer....

      Any chance on ordering the head separately? ^^'''
    10. I wish he also had a regular at rest penis :whee: I would think handy part and hardy part would throw off the looks of pants...but I guess he could just go castrated :blush
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    11. Sorry we cannot tell the exact size before it's 3D-prinited and casting. :-(

      This is serious. Today is not yet 1st April, 2018:?

      Since we cannot tell the exact size before it's 3D-prinited and casting. So Lucifer head is included into the package. You will have a whole doll if you order it. So you will not worry about no heads will fit your vigor body.

      Layaway is available for orders over $300.
      More information about layaway: http://doll-granado.com/xe/index.php?mid=board&document_srl=559

      The prototypes are printed. But we will cast them into resin.

      This is a whole doll crowdfunding :) If you only want his head, you can order him via his page in the future.
      (In fact we already released him a month ago, but the size is for 74cm Vigor body.)

      Vigor body set has regular dingdong part, which we haven't show in the pictures.:XD: But every doll will have one. don't worry.
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    12. This is very interesting. I hope at least 5 people order the 30cm version!

      When is the deadline?
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    13. @sahoma
    14. Oh duh :doh
      That's like asking where your keyd are while you're holding them
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    15. Can i have body measurement of size 50cm? I am interested in this size ❤️
    16. I was reading through all the info on your website but cannot see any mention of the heads. Is this body + Head? and if so what heads are included in this?
      Sorry if I somehow missed this information.
    17. This is body + Lucifer head
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    18. Thank you!
    19. would other heads be possible?
      lucifer is cute and all, but he's not the one for me. but i've always had a soft spot for pancho...! :D to have him in a tiny size would be a dream come true!
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    20. For this crowdfunding, only Lucifer head is available.