Granado-DollClans Hybriding

Mar 22, 2017

    1. I have fallen in love with Granado's old male Nuevo body, but I'm really not sure how well other heads would fit. It seems that the nuevo body size is in an awkward gap between the S-line and the U-line of DollClans heads. Does anyone have experience with fit and proportions?
      I've seen hybrids of the two before, but do the resins still match up?

      My main focus is DollClans heads, but I'm also curious about any other suggestions.
    2. Have no idea about Granado body + DC head, but probably could help with color: Granado is MUCH lighter than DollClans:
      [​IMG]Granado Enoch vs. Dollclans Phython and Vezeto by Toria Soll, on Flickr
      Legt to right: Dollclans U-line Phython (2016), Granado Enoch (2016, Normal skin), Dollclanc S-line Vezeto. I was surprized: Granado's normal is so close to white, and Dollclans has saturated resin with yellow shade
    3. Wow, that's quite the difference! Thanks for the picture.
      The certainly clarifies and throws a wrench in the works...
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