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[ GRANADO ] Fayette - A Midsummer Night's Dream : new translation

Mar 30, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear all,

      Fayette will be released on 1st April 2012.
      She is co-starred in "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

      Fayette as Titania

      Price: 170 USD
      Skin Type: White, Normal and Pink Skin
      Set includes: Fayette's Normal Head, Cupid's Petal.
      Request Options: Female body set, Outfit Set, Makeup service.

      :: Release Date ::
      1st April 2012

      :: Website ::


      :: Special ::
      For those who would like to purchase our body set.
      We will provide seam sanding service for free.

    2. :aheartbea

      Granado Discussion thread here.
      Granado Female Body Nuevo Discussion Thread here.
      Granado comparison thread here.
    3. Is that a flower on the doll's eye?
    4. The flower is just a prop. There's a picture on the Granado page with her normal face.
    5. ikaru, She is so beautiful and I have two questions.

      1 : I want to know if Fayette is a limited doll or basic doll? Granado has never released a basic doll, so I want to confirm this.

      2 : What skin tone is that in the pictures? :chocoheart
    6. Fayette is a basic doll. But please notice that her Cupid's Petal or outfit set may be discontinued in the future.
      Fayette is pink skin in the pictures. She is on sale now. :-)

      More news, the April's body sale has begun. It will be held for 3 days.
    7. Thanks! One more question : can you show a picture with Fayette's head on the blank nuevo body? I really want to see the proportion.:chocoheart
    8. I can't find any picture of the 3 skin (White, Normal and Pink Skin)comparison. Can you provide some??

      Thank you very much :sweat
    9. Here is the skin color comparison picture:


      Risou, we will take the photos very soon. After taking the photos, we will post here. Thank you! :-)
    10. [​IMG]


      We also took a lot of photos, you can check the full pictures here:

      Thank you! :-)
    11. May I know when the Cupid's Petal be discontinued?
    12. 2 Questions:

      Would I be able to get her in brown skin or sunshine skin?
      Also what's the difference between the two? I've only seen the sunshine skin but your site mentions the brown skin.
    13. Cupid's Petal will discontinue when we received about 30 Fayette head orders.
      We will make a notice when Cupid's Petal part is sold out.

      We do not provide sunshine skin Fayette for new customers.
      But for VIPs who have bought sunshine skin doll from us before, can request us to make a sunshine Fayette by e-mail.
      This service is only for our VIPs.
      Brown skin is not available in this moment. But we will release brown skin in the future. :-)

      Our email address : dpp.doll@gmail.com
    14. Thank you for your answer! Can we only order the head? If I do not need Cupid's Petal, will the head have discount?
    15. The first 30 only comes in the special edition with Cupid's Petal. She could be ordered alone afterwards. :-)
    16. what body is included with her, do we have a choice? and is her price 170.00 us blank not including ship?
    17. Yes, you can choose the body you want for her - either the original 62cm body, or the newer nuevo body.

      Her cost depends on what your order her with. The 170USD price is for the blank head only. Buying her with a body/makeup/etc will cost you extra - you simply have to select the extras you want on her product page.
    18. Thank you kirika!
      170usd is including the blank head and the petal part. :-)
    19. Yes, you are right :-)