Granado Female Body Nuevo Discussion Thread

Jan 15, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      Granado has created a wonderful new girl body which called "Female body nevuo".
      Her page is here:

      And they have a pre-order discount from 19 JAN to 23 FEB,
      300USD per new body. (original price : 370USD)
      It is like their 1st release of Boyd with the prototype only.

      .........I am wondering why the new body comes first (Faster than Taya! LoL).:lol:
    2. Wow! That's a huge leap from the 62cm body! He learns fast! It's too bad that new hands and feet couldn't be presented with it. The old ones don't look agile enough to go with that leaner musculature. Spectacular improvement in the direction of realism overall though!
    3. Oh wow :O That posing! So natural looking!
    4. Breathtaking.
      The prototype looks really great! My wallet is crying. Yufe, will you have her? lol
    5. Wow, that's one of the best female SD bodies I have seen so far!
    6. ~melts~ That improvement on the hip and waist is really something! Crocus really is one of the most talented sculptors I've ever seen.
    7. I will... yes, I MUST have her! :D
      I am their big fans, you know that.
    8. Absolutely beautiful, as I already wrote in the general Granado thread, I think the new body is an huge improvement looking so much better in the waist and hip region. <3

      Now I'm curious whether I'll have enough money by February so I can order her, because I still need a female body for one of my floating head here.
    9. I don't have plan for a 1/3 girl but after seeing this girl's moment....o.o I need to research on resin match and maybe rethink things once again!
    10. I totally agree with you. He can make dolls in a short period of time and each doll is beautifully made :D
    11. That's me right now... I really hope I can get a new job or sell some things to have the money for this body > A<
    12. I'm really hoping they would release her in suntan.....I guess they won't :(

      I'm not sure I like her hip joints. I can tell they only swivel front to back and not side to side due to the hidden jointing system which as I suspected would be hinged toward the inside of the joint leaving her with only one plane of motion. In order to get her to have a wide stance you need to bend her legs at the thigh joint instead of the hip joint.

    13. Ack, I was hoping she wouldn't be ready so soon. But she's so perfect, I have to get her. Crocus Lee has outdone himself!
    14. I actually preferred the older, more stereotypically "feminine" body. This new one is thicker-waisted with smaller breasts. =( The mobility is amazing, but looks-wise the original is superior in my opinion.
    15. LOL - my feelings are the exact opposite of yours, Suzuna XD. I adore the smaller breasts and thicker waist! If anything, I wish she were a liiittle bit taller, but her height shouldn't be much of an impediment. What a lovely body!
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    16. I agree with Sigune. The new body is much more realistic while the older body looked more doll like. The waist to hip area looked weirdly conical with the waist line being too sharp. The one thing is that I would have preferred more traditional ball joints in the hip area.
    17. that's a very nice female body!
      the only thing is bothering me is the knee joint. i dislike that kind of joint; it ruins the aesthetics.
    18. So nice of Crocus Lee to make girl bodies to suit every taste! ;)
    19. As they said Taya will use the old body, i think they will continue sell the 62cm body.
    20. There is no mention of discontinuing the 62cm. It's good to have a choice. I like the head they have on the nuevo body. I wonder if that is Taya. It would be nice to be given the body option for her but I can just order the head by itself too.