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Nov 13, 2017

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      Dear all,

      Wanna be blessed? Get yourself an Archangel!
      Granado is hosting a Holy Night Festival from 14/11/2017 to 05/01/2018.
      All previous released Archangels will back to Granado in this Winter.
      Also there will be a super-blessed discount, you must not miss out this great opportunity!

      Period: 14 Nov 2017 ~ 5th Jan 2018
      Target: All our customers who would like to order our Archangels and VINDOLL

      1) 6 Dolls are Re-released!
      Enoch, Gabriel, Michael, Remiel, Raguel, Uriel

      2) SuperBlessed Discount! (Resin line)
      a) Order over 1000USD (Not including shipping fee) - Gets 15% Discount! (Woo!)
      b) Order over 800USD (Not including shipping fee) - Gets 10% Discount!
      c) Order over 650USD (Not including shipping fee) - Gets 5% Discount!

      - After you placed an order and made an authenticate with us on QnA Board or E-mail, we will refund the discount via PayPal.
      - Please authenticate with your order ID to us by 11th Jan 2018, otherwise the discount will be invalid.

      3) SuperBlessed Discount 2! (VINDOLL line)
      a) Udell price : $349 (original price: $370)
      b) VINDOLL body price : $299 (original price: $320)

      - We will ship Udell or VINDOLL body within 10 business days after we receive your order. So this is a good chance to get your VINDOLL!

      Thank you very much, we wish you a Merry X'mas and Happy new year <3

      :: Our social media link ::
      Instagram : @granado.doll • Instagram photos and videos
      Facebook : Granado | Facebook
      Twitter : Granado (@DollGranado) | Twitter
      Tumblr : Granado Doll

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    2. Will it be possible to just order the head?
    3. Sure. You can just order the heads. The price is $170.
    4. Sorry, I had a newbie dumb question and figured it out. Hope it was okay to delete the original post. I touched on a DoA Off topic issue. Thank you.
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    5. Do you do layaway?
    6. If you don't pick a body, you will only get the head. And as far as I know, the Vindoll body is not compatible with the resin heads :/
    7. Is just 'available' heads or is also for older heads released during this period?
    8. What is the email? Because I can’t find it on the website, and the captcha is not being accepted on my tablet. The page is freezing when I enter it.

      It would be useful if the email to use was somewhere on the website.
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    9. Please remember that the Vindoll line is off topic on DOA. If you have questions regarding them, please post on the Granado Q&A board.
    10. Hello,
      We do layaway, please check our notice here: http://doll-granado.com/xe/559
      Also, our E-mail is [email protected]

      In Holy Night Festival period, we only re-release 6 limited Archangels.
      Older heads which are not limited are also on sale, but they do not have discount.
      Thank you!
    11. Holy Night Festival is only 8 days left!
      All Archangels (including the latest - Sariel) will leave our headquarter very soon.

      Also, we have uploaded a video to show you how to paste fur wig in our way. Please check the video below.
      We hope you like it :-)

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