New Doll [ GRANADO ] :: Male Embody Release Notice ::

Aug 26, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear all,

      We proudly present to you - "Male Embody"!
      This is our latest male doll body. And we put a lot of effort on it.
      We hope you like him <3
      Male Embody will like all our doll bodies, he will join our Body Sale event from 1st to 3rd of every month.

      PS. We are planning a "Release Event" for Male Embody, please look forward to it <3

      :: Webpage ::
      Male Embody : Male Embody
      Facebook : Granado
      Twitter : Granado (@DollGranado) | Twitter
      Tumblr : Granado Doll
      Instagram : @granado.doll • Instagram photos and videos

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    2. Does this mean the lovely Michael will be released on Sept 1 as well? :D

    3. Hello everyone! Here is a Male Embody's video for your reference.
      It will show you Embody's pose-ability and how he looks in 3 dimension.
      We hope you like our dolls and this video :-)

      I can only say Michael will be released very soon ;-)
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