Granado Minis

Apr 19, 2013

    1. Now that Granado is about to release their first mini doll, I thought they should have their own discussion thread.

      Link to News
      Terra Basic
      Terra Pirate
      Mini Body

      I am really looking forward to seeing what Xaviers little brother looks like! I love all of their dolls so much <3
    2. I can't wait to see the body and do you think they will make a girl in this size as well? I hope so!
    3. I'd say it is pretty likely that they will eventually make a girl. Unless the sales for Terra do not go well or something. I can't wait to see the body pics either. Will he have muscles like the big guys or will he be more lean? gah, excitement!
    4. So he will be 45cm at least? I wonder what type of clothing and shoes will he be able to wear?
    5. YAYYYYYYYYYYY Granado minis are coming! I can't wait!
      I remember the teaser which they released before is a muscular type body :aheartbea
    6. I was just reading his story and I think it's adorable that he's worried about people taking advantage of his older brother, Xavier. I think Terra would look great in a school outfit. Maybe a bit of a bad boy who doesn't do up his tie and always leaves the top few buttons undone.

      oh no....story forming.............*makes grabby hands*
    7. Hee hee! Granado's stories work for me - I like them. Sidonia's story certainly influenced me when 'casting' her as Florie.

      I'm very, very curious about this first Granado mini!
    8. agree! Terra's story is very interesting! ^0^
      When I saw Terra was broke a statute of Titus, it makes me laugh. :lol:
    9. Ah, so it's Terra's fault there is no more Titus prototype! :lol: I love Granado's stories.
    10. Terra Pirate sounds adorable!
    11. Heheheh... I thought exactly the same thing when I read his story~ :XD:

      So close now! I can't wait to see the images of his body... And the fact that at least one of his versions is going to be released as a basic makes my wallet sigh with relief. Somehow, even if 'minis' don't turn out to be my thing (all of my boys are SD sized, at the moment) I think I'm going to want 'Xavier's little brother'. ^^
    12. I am very inerested in him and I have never owned a boy doll. I hope I love him cause I'm playing around with the idea. I honestly know very little about grando though. What should I expect?

      No really, Granado is awesome in every way. The dolls are high quality, they are super nice and the customer service is fantastic.

      There is a reason why the database thread is called Granado Addicts.

      <3 <3 <3
    14. The body appears to cost 245, are there guesses on the head price? I'm a bit excited.
    15. That's so true. They dolls are all beautiful made. I just can't stop to buy dolls from them lol
      Now I am not buying any other dolls but Granado only... lol
    16. I'm actually really intrigued by this new doll. I'm looking forward to seeing what he looks like. If he's anything like their bigger dolls then I'm sure he'll be finding a place on my wishlist.
    17. I'm curious about the price of the head.
      Granado basic dolls are the head's price added onto the other options like bodies and faceup.:)
    18. Body pictures are up and wow! Yea I'm going to have to find some money for this guy.
    19. Whatever Terra or mini body, they are really a beautiful works.
      the mini body can stand by only one leg, that impressed me! :o
    20. The body looks great! and blank Terra, too. eeeeeeeee!