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GRANADO - Pink skin body release

Aug 5, 2011

    1. [​IMG]


      We received some suggestions from our customer for a pink skin body.
      As we always want to satisfy our customers' needs, we had a long discussion with our manufacturer and finally we are able to release pink skin body.
      The order will start from 10th August, 14:00 (Hong Kong Time), and because of limited materials and high quality control, only 10 of them will be released.

      1. Skin color: pink skin (matches Soom and Souldoll's normal)
      2. Price: $370
      3. Set includes: 64CM Basic Male Body and a pair of normal hands.
      4. Order starts: 10th August, 2011 (Wed) 14:00 (Hong Kong Time)
      5: Limited quantity: 10

      For more details, please visit our website.

      And this is Granado thread:

      At last, please notice that our summer event will end on 8th August. By then, normal, white and sunshine skin body will not be on sale. Thank you!:)

    2. Hello!

      Pink body page is available on the website now. You can check it here : http://doll-granado.com/64body_pink
      It will be released in limited quantity of 10. Order starts on 10th August, 2011 (Wed) 14:00 (GMT+8, Hong Kong Time).

      And there is good news, our website is offering auto-layaway payment!:)
      We are now working on the guide to "how to use layaway offer"(the system is easy to use, so don't worry), and you should notice that there will be 3% charge if you would like to make a layaway payment.