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GRANADO - Scout, the Saturnalia Miracle and Winter event 2011

Dec 2, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear all,
      Granado decided to give a big surprise to all our customers, thank you very much for all your support.
      Scout will be re-release in a brand new style; and our dolls’ body can be sell separately from December 5 2011 to January 2 2012.

      1. Scout – the Saturnalia miracle

      Price: 120USD per head
      Skin Type: White, Normal, Pink and Sunshine Skin
      Set includes: Scout's Normal Head
      Request Options: Male Body Set, Makeup service, New version B.J. Hands.

      2. Male and Female bodies separately sell

      64cm Male Body Price: 370USD
      68cm Long Leg Body Price: 390USD
      62cm Female Body Price: 348USD
      Skin Type: White, Normal, Pink and Sunshine Skin

      :: Release Date ::
      5th Dec 2011. 01:00 a.m. Hong Kong Time. (GTM+8)

      :: Ordering period ::
      5th Dec 2011 – 2nd Jan 2012

      :: Special ::
      For those who would like to purchase our body set,
      we will provide seam sanding service for free. (including Sunshine skin)

      :: Webpage ::
      Scout – the Saturnalia miracle: http://doll-granado.com/scout_saturnalia
      64cm Male Body: http://doll-granado.com/64body
      68cm Long Leg Body: http://doll-granado.com/68body
      62cm Female Body: http://doll-granado.com/62_fbody

    2. Our Winter event has started.
      Scout is re-released and the bodies can be sold separately now.:)