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GRANADO - Summer Event Launched!

Jul 9, 2011

    1. Hello!

      Today we bring good news for everyone.

      Granado just launched a summer event.


      Granado's 64cm male body will be on sale form 9th July to 8th August.
      And due to difficulty of manufacturing process, quantity will be limited.

      * Ordering period: July 9th - August 8th 2011
      * Skin Tone: White, Normal or Sunshine. (All colors match to Volks)
      * Price: $370 (shipping fee excluded)
      * We will do our best to package the product safely and ship it as fast as we can.
      * If you need more information about the male body, Please visit our website. (http://doll-granado.com/)

      * Granado Discussion is here: (link)

      We Hope everyone will like our service and dolls.
      Thank you for your support.

    2. Will you be re-releasing the body event at a later date as well? Perhaps a Winter event for instance?
    3. Thank you for your question. We currently do not have any confirmed promotion plans yet. :-)
    4. As the bodies are limited quantity, about how much of those will be released?
    5. As we want to maintain the quality of every doll, we will not sell more than we can produce.
      For now the quantity would be around 20 to 30.