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[ GRANADO] Takuya - The Animal Lover

Apr 30, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear all,
      Takuya will be released on 3rd May 2012.

      Takuya - The Animal Lover

      Price: 160 USD
      Skin Type: White, Normal, Pink and Sunshine Skin
      Set includes: Takuya's Normal Head
      Request Options: Male body set, Makeup service, Jointed Hands.

      :: Webpage ::


      :: Release Date ::
      3rd May 2012. 11:00 a.m. Hong Kong Time. (GTM+8)

      ::Ordering period::
      3rd May - 24th May.

      :: Special ::
      For those who would like to purchase our body set.
      We will provide seam sanding service for free.

    2. :o!!

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      Granado comparison thread here.
    3. All information has been updated on the top!
      Including price, release date and skin type... etc. Thank you! :-)

    4. He looks like Taya, are they the same face? :chocoheart
    5. Yes, Taya and Takuya are of same face mod. :-)
    6. Takuya is really handsome!
      Is he in normal skin on the pictures?
    7. Yes, he is in normal skin.
      Thank you!