ReRelease [ GRANADO ] :: V-01 3rd Release Notice ::

May 17, 2016

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      Dear all,

      Thank you for your support the Granado!
      Our Facebook fanpage has reached 2300 Likes!
      To celebrate this special day, we will re-release V-01 in a very limited quantity.
      This time V-01 will be limited to 20 contracts, $150 each.

      To enter the draw for the contracts, you must be one of our VIPs
      (members who have purchased one or more dolls from Granado).

      **How to Enter the Draw**
      If you are interested, please email us your certificate number to [email protected],
      with the subject line "Draw for V-01".
      Your name or previous order ID would be needed in the mail.​

      Opening Date: 18 May 2016
      Closing Date: 24 May 2016

      Winners will be announced on: 25 May 2016
      Winners must place the order for their V-01s by 29 May 2016

      **For Winners**
      Special instructions will be emailed to you regarding how to make full payments for your V-01.

      **For Public**
      If there are any unclaimed V-01s, they will be released to the public for $160 each on 3 June 2016.

      V-01 3rd - V-01 3rd
      Jupiter -
      Facebook - Granado
      Twitter - Granado (@DollGranado) | Twitter
      Tumblr - Granado Doll
      Instagram(NEW!) : @granado.doll • Instagram photos and videos

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    2. Hello everyone!
      V-01 3rd's Lottery is started! All VIPs are welcome to send us a mail to join this lucky draw :-)
    3. Hello everyone!

      We have a lottery result! And we have already reply to all winners.
      Please check your mail if you had join our draw :-)
      Thank you!

      If there are any unclaimed V-01s, they will be released to the public for $160 each on 3 June 2016.
    4. Twenty V-01s are all claimed by VIPs. Thank you so much for your support!
      In public sale, we decided to make additional five V-01 3rds.
      This five V-01s will be released to public at 00:00a.m. on 3rd June, 2016. (GTM+8, Hong Kong Time)

      Further information :
      V-01 3rd :
      Notice :
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    5. All 25 v-01s are sold out. Thank you very much <3
      Today is also our last day of June's body sale event. Don't miss this out if you like our doll bodies <3