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Grand opening event of Jaime-doll.com on 21th September!!

Sep 18, 2007

    1. Hello, this is Jaime~ :)

      We are planning Grand opening event for our first release Limited dolls.

      18cm Adonis dolls event

      1. If you order Joan or Cristin, you can receive one more head for free!
      We will send extra head parts for customers who put in an order for Joan or Cristin.

      *Joan head parts for order of Cristin, and Cristin head parts for order of Joan.
      (Make-up service for extra head parts is charged option.)


      2. We will send extra wig to customers who put in an order for tanned skin Vito.



      27cm Rosebay dolls event

      1. We will send extra head parts for customers who put in an order for Rosebay Limited dolls.

      *Cloe head parts for order of Celina, and Celina head parts for order of Cloe.
      (Make-up service for extra head parts is charged option.)



      *optional wigs of Rosebay Limited dolls.
      You can choose the wig for your Rosebay doll between two kind of wigs.



      Service card event

      One year guarantee of replace with new body

      Every dolls of J’aime being sent with a Service card separately from the certificate.
      and we will offering exchange of your doll for new doll(same type) at special price(60% off)
      within a year from the purchase, if you send us a doll, certificate and service card.

      Repair parts for free within a year from purchase.

      You should keep the Service card, and send the card with dolls when some of parts
      is lost or damaged, we change the part for free for once. (The customer pays for shipping charges)

      *Please consult to more information about repair card event.

      Thank you for your time!!:)
    2. Hello, this is Jaime.

      We adjuested the price range of our Limited dolls, Please visit Jaime-doll.com for more information~ =)

      Thank you for your time!!
    3. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I cannot log onto the English Jaime doll site. I tried a week ago and it didn't work then either.
    4. Congratulations on opening the sit!

      The dolls are beautiful, normally I'm not very interested in smaller dolls, but I'd be interested in one of these!

    5. Yeah, I can't get on the english version either
    6. I can get on the site and look at pictures but I tried to sign up to ask a question and it won't let me file my profile with answering a question called "blood". I don't know what kind of answer they want and it says its an optional field. Anyone else get in and having problems signing up?
    7. I just put "what?" in the blood field and it took it!

      I just ordered Christin and it looks like there is one left.
    8. The limit on the password is 8 characters! If you used one longer than 8 characters it has been truncated to 8.