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Green skinned Bobobie dolls

Mar 25, 2009

    1. Hi!!

      I'm seriously thinking about getting a green skinned doll this year, and I know Bobobie offers this skintone for their 27 cm dolls.
      (that's propably the size I'd like..)
      I'm not sure if I will like these dolls, so who has green skinned tinies or maybe a green skinned 27 cm elf girl March or Bei??
      Please post pictures so I can see if I like them or not!!

      Thanks a lot!!:lol::lol:
    2. I just got a green Erin and I love her. Yes, she is really green. I know it's a cliche, but her name is Elphie (we just saw Wicked on Broadway). Didn't plan that but as soon as I opened the box there was no doubt. She has black hair and dark red eyes, and my daughter is giving her a new faceup that's actually soft and dark. Hopefully I'll get her back tonight!
    3. I really like to see pictures too *very curious*
    4. Hiya hun,
      I don't have March or Bei but I do have a green Tinybear 'Mina' elf boy in the green resin. Bobobie make the dolls on Tinybear's behalf.

      It's a really nice green, kind of a soft pea green, very plant based not harsh at all and goes well with earthy colours and even burnt reds.

      before face up

      with face up

      He's still a work in progress. The before picture is closest to the colour of the resin (according to my monitor) if that's any help to you.
    5. Here is my green Elfkin, Shamrock:


      The green color is beautiful in person! It's a rich and creamy green, if that makes any sense.
    6. I have a green Sunny! And I agree with greeniebone...the green is really gorgeous and soft. Definitely green though!

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    7. Ooooooooooooooooo my favorite colour
      this is my favorite picture of Moona and Moona in green xx

      its is a beautiful green
    8. That face up is really GORGEOUS,wow!:o The face up and green colour is just a perfect match.
    9. Aww thanks hun :D I loved doing his face up, the green is such an inspiring colour to work with.
    10. Thanks everybody for the info and the absolutely wonderful pictures!!:aheartbea:aheartbea

      Seems that a green skinned doll is an absolute winner, and very special in the doll family!!!

      The green skin is very nice indeed, the colour is exactly wahat I would like it to be!!:aheartbea:aheartbea
      So.... now wait for the tax money to come and do some more research!!;)
    11. Here's my green March. I love her mischievous face!
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