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Greeting from 5Stardoll !

Jul 16, 2009

    1. Hi Everyone,

      Nice to meet you here.We are new China bjd company.Our brand is 5stardoll.The reason we name 5stardoll is that we want to make 5 star quality dolls and 5 star service for customer.:fangirl:

      Our dolls include 1/3 and 1/4 size currently,will release 1/6 size in near future.And planning to make larger size 70-80cm in this year.Please take a look at our ebay shop.

      Here are some photos, any comments or questions are welcomed.Thank you.

      This is Emily.She is 1/4 size doll.

      This is Emma,she is 1/4 too.

      You can find more dolls in our ebay shop.In the near future,
      we will have an official website.It is under construction now.
      Thank you and have fun!

      Lucy Lee

      Updated more detail of body

      Hi everyone,

      Here are more photos of body,i will add more blank head photo soon.



      These photos are showing 1/3 size,i will post more about 1/4 size body later.
      I would love to see your comments or questions about our angels.Thank you..

    2. Hi yikesitsmindy,thank you for question.I will post some nude photos later.
      Please check back soon.:)

      Hi gridbug,

      Thank you for questions.
      1.I will have more photos of posability later.
      2.The body will be sold separately.
      3.Resin is more like Volks resin.

      Enjoy and have fun!

      Hi Dolly,we are constructing our website,so later i will post blank head pictures.Thank you for your support!

      Hi Nikakun,thank you.Here is a photo of body sitting for your reference.:fangirl:

    3. Hi tenshi,the white skin color is available now.We released white and normal skin currently.We are planning to make tan skin available later.Thank you for your question.:)

      Thank you very much!You are right!:fangirl:
    4. Hi everybody,

      Here is photo of skin color comparison.Sorry for tha late coming photo.If you have questions,just PM me.:fangirl:

    5. Hi,thank you qiaobian,they are the same body.The only difference is the arm joint.Please ignore the normal skin arm joint part,it is not our default joint and we will not use it in the future.Because that joint is not as functional as we thought.Thanks.:)

      I am sorry, i made a mistake.The body in post #8 is 1/4 size body.The body in post #1 is 1/3 size body.So they are not the size body.You may find that the two bodies in post #8 are not the same in arm joint part,that is what i want to say oringally in post #4.:lol:
    6. Hello, these dolls are really pretty. I was wondering if we could see another sitting picture. This time sitting on the floor with his/her legs straight out in front, not bent. I want to see how straight they sit. Thanks. :)
    7. Hi qiaobian,the boy neck is 9cm and girl neck is 8.5cm.^^
    8. Hi everybody,our international website has launched,please visit www.5stardoll.com, we will do our best to offer our customer best products and best shopping experience.And in order to let more people know 5stardoll and our service,we will bring you best and discounted items oftenly.Please check oftenly.Thank you for your support.
      If you have any feedback or comments,please PM me or email us.Thank you all!