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"Growing up" or re-shelling dolls?

Apr 20, 2008

    1. Alright, I know there was a thread that contained "what if"s here, and my question is a bit similar, but not by much. So mods, if you think this should be moved, please tell me. Thanks! :aheartbea

      I've been thinking about buying a DoT body & whatever head might match to make a "grown up" version of my MSD DoC Lucciola. I think it's because is my mind, he's grown up a lot, and his figure doesn't match what I have in my head anymore.

      This doesn't mean I'll sell his old body or anything (heavens no; he's still "him," only he's a child version), but I'm wondering: Has anyone thought about doing this before? Or better yet: Has anyone done it before? What are your overall thoughts on this specific topic?
    2. I haven't personally thought about it,

      But of course the point is I'm still saving for my first doll lol :sweat

      There is a typo in your title though,

      I believe you meant "Growing up dolls" not "Growning up dolls"
    3. Oops! Thanks so much for that, haha. I get so nervous posting stuff up that I double-check everything else but the title. :sweat Changed!
    4. I've done this. :) My Oko started off as a little babyfaced MSD-sized MNF Shushu. And as his character matured in my mind, his old, no longer accurate shell was sold, and a new one took its place. A few times. He's currently an SD-sized Seirei Yugiri, but that's quickly coming up for debate..
    5. I really want to do this! I love my Cutie Delf cory! But the character of him, I always had in mind as an adult, and got him as a childhood form of it. But I really do want to get an SD version of him, just because it'd be easier to express the person I have in mind as an adult x3

      I always think it might be a bit weird, but I'd keep both characters.
    6. I don't think I'd do it, but I've definitely seen a lot of others saying they are selling their dolls to pay for a grown-up/bigger incarnation. ^^

      P.S.: Rykaan I was slightly in love with your little Oko. *has a Shushu boy herself*
    7. This isn't quite the same... but I did change the body on my DIM Belita (from an old CH body to an FDoll body) and it was kind of interesting because it did make her look older (taller and more... uh... developed). I made a comment along the lines of "Look, she's growing up!" ^_~ I felt like my girl's character was getting older and maturing, so it was nice to see her body follow suit.
    8. This isn't something that I've done personally, although I've seen several people playing with the concept ... the example that springs quickest to mind would be the child + grownup versions of Fyredancer's boy Stefan ... MSD Schulze vs. SD13 School A, I believe?

      ETA: Found a gallery thread -- http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=126993
    9. No problem, just happy to help...well sorta;)
    10. I might do that with some of my other dolls.. But until I see a proper mold.. I think Mo's comfortable in his own resin x3

      Plus he's meant to look that age for a very long time.. He's got some crazy secrets up his sleeve~
    11. I've done the opposite :) For some time I have been contemplating getting a 'child' version of my Hound, Ezra and just recently the thought became action. So now I have a kid and an adult Ezra (and absolutely no intention of selling any of them^^)
    12. I have done this recently, I liked my KD Delf girl but she needed to grow up. So I moved her from a Kd Delf Aru to a CP Miyu.

    13. Thanks for answering the questions, everyone! :aheartbea I'm glad there are other people who have thought about doing it, too.

      Oh! She's very lovely in both forms, too. Thanks for showing me these. :) I can definitely see a lot of the KD Delf in your CP Miyu.
    14. I thought about this when I decided to buy dolls for my characters and I chose to go at it from a different angle. I bought 60cm dolls to represent all of my young charcters so that they could "grow into the shell" rather than getting a small version and having to replace it later. I'll change things about their face-ups and clothing styles later on to reflect their maturity level. :)
    15. Hageshiku used to be a DOC Hoo... After a few things happening to him and me getting more SD dolls, I decided he should "grow up" as his mold was too small and childish for Hage.
      Especially upon looking at a drawing I did of him I realised that DOC Hoo was not the right mold.
      He is now a dreaming lishe boy and is PERFECT!
    16. I've done this as well, but to a lesser extent. About a year ago I moved my MSD Hewitt II from his MSD body to a SDC body, and he definitely looks older by at least a few years. The MSD body just made him too young, but moving him to the more mature body made him perfect.

      I've also had vague ideas to make 'grown-up' versions of both my Hewitt II and my f-10, as I continue their story well into when they're teens and early 20's. I think having a younger version and an older version of the same character is a very interesting concept, and nifty to actually do.
    17. :D
      oh bless she's all grown up! fabulous!
    18. I had a Tender Too that I switched to a Homme Ducan. At the time that I bought the DoC I thought that it was perfect for him! ...But when Ducan came out, I knew that it was time for him to grow up. And then I sold him. Oops. But I'll get another Ducan someday!
    19. Actually, another thing I would like to add..

      Over the past 2 years that I've had Mowen, i've watched him grow up in a sense.. At first he seemed childish and clumbsy but now he's more mature and ... needy XD I saw it in his face last year when I was sitting in my car at school with him.. He just looked more mature and seemed to act it too.. It was kinda cool and made me proud that we've survived 2 years of insanity.. Alot happened since I got him. ^^
    20. I have ;o For my dz tintan. I got her as a dollndoll ines. Not really to make her grow up, just so she'd be taller so I could get her boyfriend, a dolkot kiss, and they wouldn't look odd. (tho i won't have him for awhile) But I'm considering getting her as an msd again.

      Dz tintan:

      Dollndoll ines: