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Grumpy Tiny?

Oct 11, 2007

    1. I've been looking at Naripons for an age and a half. Do you think I can make up my mind? No!! I like them all, well nearly all... that one with his tongue sticking out - Ginger is my favourite. Who else makes grumpy tinies and who would you suggest? I keep looking at my Poppet/Lilica, but she's too sweet to be grumpy. Never thought I'd be asking this. Times have changed.
    2. I think secretdoll looks pretty grumpy, and lati yellow Lea is quite grumpy. Also elfdoll Hana Devil's grumpy face is nice and grumpy.

      but still, I don't think I've ever seen a grumpier tiny than a naripon Pansy or Daisy. IMHO those are the 2 grumpiest.
    3. I see Hana pretty regularly FS, though, so if you decide you want that one you should be able to find one. :)

      I had forgotten about dodo!!
    4. I always thought pouty-faced Gomi Junior would make a good older sister for my Nari-pon, but she's also sold out :(

      And don't forget the almighty power of the faceup! Some downturned eyebrows can make all the difference :)
    5. That is true, a frowning face-up will make any doll look grumpy
    6. My Bambicrony Elf Pepe (26cm) looks a bit grumpy. She has little painted smile lines in the corners of her mouth that the artist slanted down. I put in a pretty color of eyes to sweeten her up a bit, but she still has some attitude...

      There is on Banji doll that is grumpy or evil or something - Kiwi (and her brother):

      Some other grumpy ones (though no longer made) are the original versions of 14cm Elfdoll "Monnaemi sisters" Min and Jin. Jin is crying and Min is a but grumpy. Their other sister Bong is smiling brightly. The more recent limited re-release versions had new faceups and looked more placid.
      Original Monnaemi sisters:

    7. Lati does a few though they're more sad than grumpy...and their glass eyes shine enough to look like tears in their eyes...
    8. There are lots of grumpy dolls, or grumpy-ISH dolls.

      But I still hold true to the fact that Naripons are the KING of grump. :3
    9. Ielf I will sleep Lucky is pretty grumpy looking, or maybe just evil (Loves tiny evil) I think lilica is more bossy than grumpy lol. Another one is PF Liu, and PF Jimmy, both look kind of grumpy.
    10. Elfdoll MinDelRe looks pretty grumpy at times.


      My little one channeling some 'Dark Side'.
    11. Yeah - looks like newer limited Min is grumpy too!

    12. Goodness me! ~What a wonderful response.~ I have Hana Devil, but I should have said I was thinking of a tiny, tiny.

      Sher you amaze me. I've never thought of Daisy as grumpy. I always think she looks as though she's about to cry. Pansy is definitely grumpy!!

      I agree Dodo and Min are more grumpy. Argh! This is becoming a more difficult choice with all these wonderful suggestions.

      The Lati's? I've always loved Coco and she's sweet. I first saw Lea and fell for her, but I find their heads are too big for their bodies. I also want to use this little one in my dollhouse. Sorry I wasn't very specific.

      I'd forgotten about Lucky, too. Thanks blackeyeliner. I wanted one of those because they have fat tummys. *giggle* But she wouldn't fit in the dollhouse either.

      It seems I am still leaning toward a grumpy Pon! The main reason I've held off, is their kicky legs. Do they all have that?

      Sorry I haven't mentioned everyone's name, but I have read everything and appreciate you all chiming in. Thanks too, for the photos. That really helps as I can't always remember what a doll looks like.
    13. secret doll ...so much attitude and sulk ...yeah Min Del Ray ...she always looks as though she is sulking ...but I think it depends on her face-up

      My little Esme is the Queen if Grump in our house

      and Mini ...she is always in a strop
      mostly because Luthien and Tinuviel get all the attention :)
    14. well the reason I said Daisy is that Honorine is a daisy - and omg I think Honorine is SOOOOO pissy looking, LOL.... she is the doll that made me want a naripon in the first place. Gothiclibrarian is truly directly responsible for Juniper Snowpea.
    15. I-elf does a grumpy looking tiny - i think it is lucky bedtime or something similar lol she looks so grumpy she would tear you limb from limb if you got on the wrong side of her lol :shudder
    16. Lati is doing a new size range of Lati's - they use the same white-size heads but a bigger body! No one's seen on in real life yet to gage but I think their about the size of the smallest Oriendolls with a head in proportion to the body so they'll fit in nicely with my tiny clan. I plan on getting one at some point. Belle is the new head and her mouth is an upside-down "U".

      But the best grumpy is the Nari-pon...it might have something to do with the smaller eyes and the pursed lips - most other tinies lips are more relaxed...
    17. I think the DIM Sweet Marigold and maybe some others look grumpy to me. dimdoll.com