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Guest Designers at Ajumapama Extended to 11/15/08

Oct 25, 2008

    1. ADDED: November 4th - Dolls i has made some of their separates into sets.

      TREE Designs, Nine9, and Dollsi extended their pre-order until November 15th. Be sure to check out the headphones from Nine9 under Guest Accessories. Three new accessories were added yesterday.

      AjumaPama has a pre-order but not of new items. Lots of Korean stock items that are just one or two of each. Under the U-Noa category, I did leave the dresses that are available from the last pre-order right were they were, so it does look like a new pre-order but it isn’t.
      Hope that made sense! Just too much too move around. Okay, yes, just laziness on my part!

    2. Sorry, forgot to turn on the links.
      All fixed now.
      Thanks for letting me know!
    3. Bump up for the last couple of days.
    4. Bump for new information.
    5. Dolls i has combined some of their separates into sets.
    6. bump for last few days