Event Guide to Acquisition of [April Story] and Sales Event in December

Dec 8, 2019

    1. 1. Guide to acquisition of April Story by Flora Monkey

      Hello, it is Flora Monkey :XD:

      As of October 15, 2019, Flora Monkey has taken over April Story.

      Since we had so many issues for various reasons, it was a difficult decision for us to take over April Story.

      But we finally decided to take it over as April Story’s love for dolls is great.

      We would be very grateful if you give us a lot of attention and love for April Story.

      April Story will make one promise to our customers.

      It is a ‘system of guaranteed manufacturing period’.

      A lot of customers had complaints about late delivery of old April Story.

      And we fully understand how unsatisfied they were.

      Therefore, we operate the system of guaranteed manufacturing period in which we guarantee that the product will be manufactured and shipped within the promised period,
      and if we do not meet such promise, we not only send you the product you ordered but also refund the purchase price.

      We would like you to feel relieved and trust April Story in the future.

      [For details on the system of guaranteed manufacturing period, please refer to the information bulletin, 'Guide to the system of guaranteed manufacturing period'.]

      2. We would like to inform you about the event in December.

      It is a guide to April Story’s special event in December.

      Event 1. [1+1 Special Box]

      It consists of (1 x April Story doll) + (1 x April Story doll), you can purchase 2 dolls at a much lower price than the regular retail price. Do not miss this opportunity to buy this special product at special price.

      Target items for the event: All items displayed on the main

      Event 2. [If you spend $900 or more during the event period, you will receive a free baby or kid doll]

      If you spend $900 or more during the event period, you will receive a free baby or kid doll.

      As it is an exceptional event, it may end early when the Baby & Kid dolls runs out.

      We have prepared 20 baby and 20 kid dolls each. Please hurry.

      Event 3. [50% off event]

      50% off on all April Story products!!

      50% off all on all April Story products displayed in the shop during the event period.

      Event period: [From December 2 - 31, 2019]

      Note! The address of April Story shop has been changed.
      Please make note of it when you visit the shop.

      April Story

      [Please read if you ordered a product before September 2019 and have not received the product yet.]

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    2. Will you offer other resin colors beside normal and white in the future? Like Rebeccas dark tan?
    3. Hello :)
      Other skin colors will be added in the future
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    4. What about the people who are still owed a lot of money in refunds because they never got their April Story doll?
      And why is the owner of Flora Monkey the same person who owned the “old” April Story?
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    5. Cdoll Rebecca is a long time love for me and i would love to have her in the dark skintone. When will this be availlable? as you told about that you gonna offer more skintones soon? it would be great to be able to order her during your great event with the special box
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    6. hello~
      I am a flora monkey operator.
      we are take over a store april Story
      Please check the notice.
      April Story

      [Please read if you ordered a product before September 2019 and have not received the product yet.]

      It is CDOLL of Flora Monkey which has recently acquired the April Story shop.
      We found some news during the acquisition process.
      April Story has been operated as a separate business for Korean and English shops.
      And the person who used to run the English shop passed away by accident recently.
      Due to sudden death of the operator, the orders made through the English shop were not processed properly.
      Since he was the only one operating the English store, the Korean April Story shop officials figured out late.
      At present, we are aware that most people who made orders received a refund via PayPal account.
      However, there will be some of you who have not received a refund yet.
      The reason we leave a note here is to help those who have not received a refund or a doll.
      The customer information that we acquired from the English shop is...
      1. Customer name 2. Product ordered 3. Whether you received a refund or not
      We are currently unable to check the important information such as address and contact details.
      If you have not received the April Story doll, please contact me via email below.
      On behalf of the former operator of the English April Story shop who passed away,
      we will send you the dolls to you. We will do our best to help you out.
      (Please note that we can send you the doll you ordered, but are unable to give you a refund.)

      mail : [email protected]
      shop : www.4s-doll.com/us/
      Note! The address of April Story shop has been changed.
      Please make note of it when you visit the shop.
      April Story
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    7. Flora Monkey is owned by person Yeosik Lee, yes?
      But old April Story (before 2019) is also owned by Yeosik Lee?
      New April Story is also owner Yeosik Lee.
      This means same person owns all companies, right?
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    8. I understand your question.
      I'm not good at English so I'll answer you shortly.
      1. april story is a company run by kim jung mi.
      2. I was one of the investors.
      3. They didn't pay me for the investment.
      4. At that time, jung mi kim promised to give me april story English shop.
      5. At that time, I ran an English shop for a while (just a few months).
      It was the price of the investment.
      6. However, due to the complex internal conflict over the investment, I left the company.
      7. Since april story English shop has a new person.
      8. I filed a lawsuit for the return of the investment.
      9. In the meantime, the april story closed.
      10. I won the case.
      11. I bought all the april story doll prototypes in return for the investment from jung mi kim.
      (This is the decisive reason why I took over the april story.)

      There is a more complicated process in the middle.
      But my English is not good enough to explain enough.
      Please understand.

      It's a shame to explain this process here.
      But many others, including you, can be misunderstood.
      That's why I write officially here.

      If you have any other questions please ask
      Thank you. :)
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    9. Thank you for your explanation.
      It’s very important for people to know this information so they can make a better decision on whether or not to purchase.
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    10. Hi CDoll, I'm so sorry to hear about the tragic death of the former operator!

      Your news that you will still be able to send me the dolls I ordered but never received is wonderful news to learn, especially today, as it's my birthday!
      I've sent you an email.

      My congratualions to you for being able to take over the April Story shop, I'd love to order again in future.
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    11. hello :)

      Tan skin is not currently available for order.
      Will be added later.
      Thank you for loving Rebecca.
      We hope to add Tan skin as soon as possible.
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    12. hello Wolfboy :)
      I just sent you a mail.
      Your doll will be sent in this week.
      I am very happy to help you.
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    13. Omg yay! I’m so happy y’all I ordered a doll last year but never got it so I’m glad I’ll finally be able to get him. Also will you guys still allow for layaways?
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    14. Will you offer heel feet and hand parts by itself?
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    15. Will it be possible to get a two payment layaway on the current event?
    16. Awesome! Will we be able to buy heads, hands. heel feet, etc seperately?
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