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Guilt over customization?

Aug 5, 2007

    1. I guess it's a silly question, but have you ever felt guilty for changing your doll?
      I really want to get the wigs and eyes that I had planned out for my dolls before I ever even bought them... but I kind of feel bad that I'm changing how they originally came. Er, I feel like they'll think I don't like them xDDDD;; Although, I know that they don't really have any feelings... hahaha
    2. Well, if it's just wig and eyes then it's easy to change back. Harder if you change the face-up or make a permanent carving type of mod.

      Only thing I've changed on my Nana is the wig, and she looks awsome in that two coloured wig so no regrets there. ^^
    3. ah, no reason to feel guilty! eyes and wigs can be changed. even if you mod your dolly beyond what you imagined the character there's probably someone who will buy it so you can start all over again! :D
    4. I don't regret it because I'm happier with the result in the end xD.
    5. I don't think I would feel at all guilty. Heck, I have a character planned who has some heavy scarring on her face and hands. That's one of the biggest appeals of these dolls to me--they're there to be customized!
    6. I think the most appealing thing about these dolls is the fact that you can customize them. It's actually highly encouraged by the companies that make them. Customizing your doll, whether it be as tame as changing a wig or as extreme as modding the resin itself, is a great bonding experience. Your dolls won't mind. ;) Make them all you want them to be and don't feel bad! They're yours to do what you wish and you will love them all the more for it.

      - Megan
    7. Thank you, everyone! I feel a lot better now. :) kehehehe
    8. Never even thought about feeling "guilty". The customizing possibility is one of the reasons why I like BJDs. I have just done a face mod, so my doll would represent a certain character... it's just great to have a very individual looking doll.
    9. If everyone were afraid to change their doll's wigs and eyes, BJD would be a lot less fun. D:

      One of the first things I do with my dolls is put them in the wigs and eyes I want for their character. Some of my dolls have default aspects (like my Hewitt's faceup) but other than that, they are nowhere near default or how they came to me. ^_^ You shouldn't feel guilty about eyes, wigs, or even faceups. Those can always be changed and most always improve a doll's look or your love for them.
    10. The only time I am akward about mods is when it is permanent ones like drilling for piercings or something. :(

      Thats why I make sure I want to do it.
    11. my friend brought a BJD and changed it from the original default makeup
      she feels sooo bad that she changed it because she cant get it to be the default no more.
      i warned her but she wanted to experiment so AHWELL XD
    12. If it can be removed then I am ok with it and your not going to regre it, but I am not a fan of Piercings or permenant mods
    13. No way! This hobby is all about customization, remember? ^_^ The fun thing is that you can change everything that you want to, try out all sorts of things and-unless you're doing mods like sanding or eyeopening etc-you can change it right back if you don't like it. I mean, even face-ups can somewhat be replicated if you'd rather have the old one back..so don't worry, just enjoy your doll-that's what they're made for :D
    14. I don't know, I think modifications make a doll that is made en masse into a one of a kind doll. I really love seeing all the variations that can be done on one mold. I've subscribed to the El list just to see how people make it truly different, I love to see the creativity at work, for me it is the modding factor that appeals to me. I don't intend to sell my doll so I'm not so worried about making permanent mods. If I like it it's all that matters... To each his own, do what feels best for you :-)

    15. Well, I can understand a bit... The dolls are lovely as they are sometimes and it can be sad to wipe off a faceup or mod a doll (changing wigs and eyes--as others have said--isn't a big deal since they can be changed back!).

      However, as others have also said, it's important to have the doll you really want and if that means a different faceup or a mod, then that's what you should do. But if you DON'T want to do that... don't feel bad about that, either. Many people don't change their dolls--they like them as they are.
    16. =.= Don't bump your thread six minutes after making it. Give people time to see it before going nuts. We're not Gaia. (One bump per 24 hours is the rule here)

      I don't feel guilty at all. In fact, almost all of my dolls are cross-company hybrids with mild to extreme mods. Granted, I've never bought a doll as a full set with a nice faceup, I always buy parts. I would feel bad for removing a well-done faceup, but never for changing the wig or eyes.
    17. Nah, don't feel guilty. First of all, wigs and eyes aren't permenant changes--you can always change them back. Plus, these guys are made to be customized. That's why they make removable eyes and wigs and why doll companies sell face up supplies. You should make your doll the way you want your doll to be.
    18. This might sound odd but I felt bad the first night I took Rhiannon out cause I didn't know how to take her headcap off so I could change her eyes. She had to go out with her default eyes and I felt so bad cause I knew without the blue eyes in she wasn't exactly "Rhiannon" yet. Now I feel bad cause she still has only the wavy wig when she needs a straight wig. But that is only me feeling bad and not guilty cause she gets that I just don't have the funds at the moment.
    19. I hope I don't feel bad cause I might have a lil vampie head (sleepy eyes ahoy) and I really want to open them not alot but enough so I can see his pretty blue eyes. but I know if i don't, he won't be my lil Toko. Besides, these dollies are designed to be customized. I know if I keep Toko's eyes closed he wouldn't be Toko. So don't feel guilty about changing the wig or eyes or even the faceup, cause that's kinda what were supposed to do! I mean there are people who keep the defaults but that's cause they want to. but if you want to change the eyes and wig to get the doll the way YOU want it, don't feel bad okay, good! *hands you cookie*
    20. At the moment I'm incredibly guilty over removing Vlad's paintwork x_x I miss him so much D*:!