Guilty pleasures

Mar 12, 2017

    1. What do you consider a guilty pleasure in the doll hobby? Do you have any you indulge in?

      Mine are "pretty" boy dolls, and for the longest time I always thought they were kind of lame. It seemed every other collector had a boy body with a girl sculpt and a rainbow wig. Now it's all I want! I've really come to fall in love with the idea of this little tender boy all done up in bright colors, it just seems so cute!

      So tell me yours!
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    2. Buying frilly dresses for my girls and miniature dishes.
    3. My guilty pleasures are YoSDs, and dresses and heels.

      YoSDs: In my real life, I don't really care much for kids. I don't want any and I have no warm fuzzy feelings in regards to human children. But I love YoSDs and I like seeing my adult characters with their kids. :sweat

      Dresses and heels: I can not picture myself in a dress or heels, but I love dressing my dolls in dresses and heels. (At least those of them, who would wear it :whee:)
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    4. Fancy and often expensive outfits! I have so many dresses, fantasy suits, and fullset outfits, that I'm scared to add up the amount of money I've spent on all of it. But gosh, I just love getting them. Nothing feels more exciting (besides getting a new doll of course) then a big outfit arriving in the mail and dressing up a doll in it.

      Clothing wise for myself, I rarely buy anything new, and I go about in plain old casual stuff. But for my dolls they must be dressed in their fancy outfits, complete with matching shoes and wigs. :)
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    5. I looove love love tiny foods! I feel like if given the opportunity I could shelve an entire miniature grocery stoe with all the tiny foods on my wishlist!
    6. buying tooooo many clothes
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    7. "dry shopping" I really really really love 1/3 dolls but gosh! Thats a huge pack of money! So only watching no buying... :( (my time will come!)
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    8. Tiny bottles. I've only got one doll at the moment, and thankfully she lives in a world where old style bottles would have carried most liquids (and other herbs and supplies as well), but darn her collection is getting ridiculous. I most partial to coloured bottles and as much as dollar stores are cheap, it's not that hard to rack up a lot of funds worth of tiny pieces of glass and corkage ;)
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    9. hmm, that will being able to do whatever i want with them, i can gaze and make them do all embarrassing poses and no ones gonna scold me or get annoyed with me XD
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    10. Same here, sometimes you just cant help it!
    11. Pretty dresses, high heels, and tiny food!
    12. LOL!! SAME! :sweat I love to surf online for doll clothing, wigs, eyes, shoes, etc etc and kept adding them into my shopping cart but I rarely checkout! They will just keep on accumulating until I decides to filter them and finally purchase them but of course still leaving quite a handful of them laying around in the cart. :sweat
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    13. Thats my favorite thing to do. I just keep piling it on and never ever checkout. I love to pretend.
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    14. I'm so glad that i'm not the only one :D!
    15. Haha!! Yea! My boyfriend kept nagging at me that I'm shopping too much but when I mention "But I did not checkout.." he will be like "Okay..." :lol:
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    16. I indulge in fiber and fabric.

      I prefer natural fiber (especially Suri), and I (like probably everyone else) prefer pre-prepared fiber (already washed and brushed). I've just decided I'm willing to pay the extra money so that I don't have to do the preparation myself (because it's a huge pain).

      As for fabric, I've always been a fabric hoarder, and it hasn't stopped with BJDs. I like very specific fabric types with a preference (in general, but with a few noteworthy exceptions) for natural fiber, which tends to be more expensive.

      I worked as a costume tech/designer in college for the dance and theater departments, so I have less of a tolerance for the problems which result from cheap fabric (cheap ≠ inexpensive; inexpensive fabrics are not always cheaply/skimpily made and expensive fabrics can be cheap).
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    17. Tiny food-- guilty because I can make so much of it myself, but I spend more than I should on pieces from other artists anyway.

      Expensive clothing-- I have only spent over $100 on an outfit for me for my wedding and prom, but I spent $200 on a suit for Dhani.

      Cool T-shirts and leggings-- Again, something I can easily sew myself, but I love the variety on Etsy, and I feel better spending more money when buying from another artist than saving money but copying their design.
    18. Sci fi outfits that none of my dolls will wear. :(
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    19. fur wigs (fake fur) or it would be if I had more money. I love them and I would totally buy masses of them if I had the money! I would have so many that I could never use them all I'm sure! xD
    20. Urethane eyes and shoes. My dolls' characters are all very set so they don't even need different eyes, but they're just so pretty.