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Guu Dolls

Sep 11, 2015

    1. I recently stumbled across a bjd company called Guu while I was checking out Stacy's Pink Ocean's website. I'd never heard of them but I like their 1/3 size female body and am considering it for a new head that I have on order. Does anyone have a Guu doll? If so, how do you like it? Has anyone heard anything about the company?

      Thanks for any help you can give me.
    2. they're a small chinese co., here's their weibo http://weibo.com/guudoll - I picked up a Mei Lu 2nd hand on ebay earlier this year because I wanted her body for another head. Her company face up looks great in person. Poses well and is very nicely made. For the official taobao price, and I see they now make boys - yeah, I would get more for if I needed extras. (especially if it really takes them around 30 days to make).
    3. I've seen them on ebay and someone in my country oder one. As far as I know they're nice posers ;) I'd love to get one of their sleeping girls one day <3
    4. I've got one Guu girl body I bought a year ago or so from Jeeryama on ebay.
      It poses well, it is nicely sculpted (except for the hands and feet which are not very defined) and feminine, but it is pretty small so I guess it would be best to hybrid with small 1/3 heads.
      For example, the fit is nice with my Elfdoll Sian (this head is one of the smallest 1/3 I own), but is definitely too small for most of my other floating female heads.
      The normal skin is on the yellow side too (I can take some comparison pics if need be !).
    5. oh, that's good to know, @Marlequeen, cos I was just looking for something rather petite (around sd10) so it's awesome they're not too big:) If I may ask you: I'm quite concerned, though, about the lack of tigh joints - is she still able to pose nicely in that area?
    6. i heard their pure normal skin and pure white skin is matched pretty well with volks . so i planned buy a girl body that i can hybrid with volks dwc-02 . :XD:
    7. Does anyone have any photos showing the 1/3 body or the resin color?
    8. yes please :3nodding: i'd like to see too :wiggle please share ur guudoll 1/3 body
    9. Anymore thoughts on Guudolls? I'm quite loving Nao Naixu's face sculpt and have a feeling she might be "the one" as a more affordable but appealing first doll. There are some very cute owner pics of her if using the Chinese characters of her name when online searching. But it's worrisome buying a doll from a mostly "unknown" company, can't locate much owner feedback on the web thus far.
    10. Can someone please show me some resin color comparison pictures?
      I'd like to make a hybrid with a spirit doll body, but I couldn't find anything about Guu's resin match :( (I'm interested in normal skin)
    11. Here is girl body >> Channadda Preedeewong | Facebook

      And this is my girl name Melcia (Nao-Naixu NS)

      I'm very satisfied with Guudoll. Doll are well made, lovely face and no seem line.
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    12. @panicle Thank you so much for posting your Nao-Naixu she is so beautiful! May I ask is Melcia in normal skin or white skin, and is she wearing default faceup and eyes, if not what color random eyes did she come with? I love this sculpt, just about on the verge of buying her.
    13. She's in normal skin, wearing NYX glass eye (Guudoll didn't sent any eye with her) , and faceup made by me. ^^
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    14. I ordered Nao Naixu from an agent of Guudoll, I'm both scared and excited. The wait seems to be two months. I'll be sure to post a box opening thread when she arrives.
    15. Congrats, pammla!
      I would love to see a real review of this body. I want to see how the posing is. Mainly how much movement is there in the torso?

      I have some samples from them of the PS normal, PS white, and white resin. Once I can get some decent light (my photo lamp broke :(), I will post some pictures.

      I want to eventually get two of these bodies to hybrid with my floating heads Fairyland heads. Both heads are way pinker than the rest of my dolls, and I want one of them to be an older sister to one of my dolls, but it turns out the normal color Guu resin will go great with my older Luts dolls. Now I just need to find a faceup artist I like that will be able to color match my head to the body.

      The other head, I am waffling on if I will get a custom tan body for her or a grey skin one! Turns out Guu will do resin matching, so we can hybrid all the heads!
    16. Hi, just popping in to say I got my MSD Verona sculpt from Guu doll a few weeks back. It took them 3 weeks to make her and around 3-4 days for her to arrive :)
      She is absolutely gorgeus, and I might post a body review of her sometime when I get back from my trip :) (Though its not the SD body, it might still be interesting ;) )
    17. Just stumbled on this company. Man Naixu is like... getting to me :P I don't usually like cutey doe eyed anime types, but I really like her for some reason. I love all the owner pics and custom faceups I've seen, more than the company one, I think with some heavy eyebrows especially she comes alive. I don't love the Guu body though; wonder if she would fit on any Fairyland bodies....

      Edit, seems like Feeple65 might work, they are both 9.5cm necks, but all I've got now is a Feeple60 Moe which is 8.4cm. Hmmmmmmmm
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    18. You could always make a filler for the neck hole if needed. This tutorial was for adapting a MNF neck to another body, but the concept should work for a doll head with a larger opening than needed for the body you are putting it onto.
    19. Thanks! I might just risk it. I don't have much experience with hybridifying, so I wasn't sure how close it needed to be for something like that to work reasonably well -- or for the actual head and body sizes to match well.
    20. Hi everyone !! I want to share with you feedback about my doll. I ordered the body through Alice collections in a winter event.About a month later the body was ready.
      I bought the body for Little monica Roselyn head. The head on the body looks great. As for me, it was excellent hybrid. The colors are similar, but I left a head in the sun to remove the pink pigment..The size and proportion looks perfect.I love this body )) :D:love
      The whole body is in terrible scratches and bubbles.
      It seems that I have not bought a new body. I was very upset.
      Also, you can look at my flickr some poses and more pictures with damages.
      And sorry for my bad english.:sweat
      [​IMG]GuuDoll body by Bellry, on Flickr
      [​IMG]GuuDoll body by Bellry, on Flickr
      [​IMG]GuuDoll body by Bellry, on Flickr