Hair color dolls

Apr 16, 2016

    1. Any dolls in your collection more? blondes or brunettes?
      I like blond hair and tan body.
    2. Blond or black.
      If black - doll must be in white skin :3

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    3. Half of my dolls in my collection has white/silver hair. 1/4 has blonde and rest, black or red.
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    4. I have many black and blond/white/silver wigs, but I just bought my first carrot red wig. It feels weird but I like it.
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    5. Two blondes, one brunette, one black haired, one silver haired, and one baldy.

      I also love the white skin/black hair thing, the contrast is really pretty.
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    6. I have a variety of wigs but I tend to prefer browns!
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    7. I really love black synthetic wigs, have so many bookmarked. So I think it's quite an achievement for me that out of 7 bjds I have, only 2 of them have black hair, although I have another incoming which will also have black 3/8...the odds will be. I like the sheen and to me it brings out the rest of the doll's features.

      Other than that, I love pink hair, which is about as different as you can be from black hair. But pink hair is cute.
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    8. I have one with black hair, five blond, seven brown, two red and one who is a "natural" blond but his hair color changes as often as his clothes! Except for Jack, everyone has natural human hair colors.
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    9. I understand you.I have almost all the dolls tan, but there are two dolls Normal skin. I basically Blode doll wig but Normal skin have one carrot and one wig the color of turquoise . a little strange choice . but I think my lady happy

      I have little experience in the world of dolls and I want to try and brown wigs too
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    10. Green. I like green hair. Who knew?
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    11. I did buy most of the white wigs with the intention of using a bunch of semi permament colors I bought at the beauty supply store (pink, hot pink, violet, blue, mint, red) but those wigs were so expensive, for me, I can't make myself do it yet. I will though!
    12. very interesting. I am surprised

      this is a very good idea . if you do not like the image of the doll to change to a different color wig good solution .why I did not think about it.Thank you for the great idea
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    13. Most of my dolls have ended up with brown hair so far, which is odd because I thought I preferred blonde. But I love my brunettes, I guess. And I also agree I love that tan skin with light hair look :D
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    14. I think I have a nice assortment. I have one blond, two red heads, one brunette, and one with strawberry blond. My incoming boy will probably have grey or black hair.
      So, I guess red hair is the most common for me. They're siblings though, so that's the main reason they have the same hair color. One of my redheads has a purple wig she wears sometimes as well.
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    15. I have wigs in just about every natural color and a few fantasy, but my favorites are the ones in shades of red.
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    16. I have two black wigs with red streaks, one carmine red (I love that color so much!), one pink (and another on the way), one brown/blond mix, one gray/green ombre, one strawberryish red, one with a blue/green ombre, one blue and some brown and blond ones. Always on the lookout for some good wigs. Its nice to have a varied selection in both color and cut I think. One never knows when a new doll will come knocking ;)
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    17. I only have one doll so far, but she has a brown wig and a white wig. I have a red, black, and silver wig on the way though. I purposefully had her face up done very simply so that she would be a bit of a chameleon. I love seeing what she looks like with all the different hair colors and styles.:)
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    18. I like red, carrot and lilac colored hair on white skin!
    19. i have a variety of colors, mostly natural shades but red of some sort (carrot, auburn or strawberry blonde) seems to be the most common.
    20. [​IMG]

      The blondies win!

      I also like the black hair with white or normal skin and the blond hair with tan skin. The girls change their wigs often but they are always fantasy colors.

      I'm waiting for 6 dolls more and there will be 2 red heads, 1 black, 1 brown, 1 blond and the other one will be fantasy (dark blue).
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