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Half-lidded Eyes

Aug 9, 2017

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. It depends on the sculpt

    1. Hello everyone, I was wondering: what do you think about half-lidded eyes on sculpts?
      I personally love them, and think they add a lot to an expression or make a sculpt better. In general I prefer open eyes to half-lidded, but there are many sculpts with half-closed eyes that I adore. (One that comes to mind is the Doll Chateau Colin head).
      Thanks for voting, and please feel free to chime in, add your opinion, or share pics of half-lidded dolls in your collection!
    2. Usually, I prefer fully open eyes, but for some characters, a half-lidded sculpt is just perfect.
    3. It really depends on the sculpt for me, and the overall look! My grail doll, Island Doll Veranoen, has half-closed eyes and he looks amazing with them. :D
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    4. I love half lidded eyes. I wish I could get open and half-lidded or closed eyed versions heads of all my doll sculpts.
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    5. They really add a lot of character to a sculpt in my opinion! I love the dreamy look and it's nice to have the eyelids as a bigger blank canvas for faceups.
    6. I like half-lidded eyes on a case to case basis. :) Depends on the character, and at the moment none of mine could pull off that look.
    7. There's only a few sculpts that I like it on, so I'm going to say no.
    8. Gotta go with depends on the sculpt. I love some dolls with huge open eyes, and others with almost completely closed eyes. I especially like when there's options, where there is a sculpt with open eyes and an alternate head with half closed eyes!
    9. I love dreaming or "half-lidded eyes" dolls. My favourite doll, which is a Delf dreaming Moon, has half-lidded eyes. It made him look so calm and serene and peaceful. He gives off such a chill vibe. He has such a pleasant atmosphere around him. The regular Moon (open-eyed) on the other hand has such an intense atmosphere. Both are great.
    10. I agree! Open-eyed and closed-eyed options are great, but if companies did half-lidded as a regular option, I'd be over the moon. Good thing we always have the option of modding closed-eyed sculpts, but still!

      Oh, I've never heard it as 'dreaming' before. That's a really pretty way of saying it! Sounds much better than 'half-lidded' for sure.
      #10 GreenTeaAnarchy, Aug 9, 2017
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    11. Ahaha, yes. Dolls with lidded eyes, or even closed eyes are...totally my thing. :: nods emphatically ::
      I think it gives dolls such a melancholy and ethereal sort of look, which I adore. Or in contrast, it can give the doll's gaze a sharp and piercing focus. I love how it plays with their expressions! It's like clouds passing over water: turn this way and it's a placid lake, but shift that way and you can see the storm coming. :chocoheart
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    12. I like half-lidded eyes as an alternative to their regular expression. Several of my dolls have multiple heads. :)
    13. I have quite a few half-lidded eyes in my collection, I'm naturally drawn to them. I think it gives them a mysterious expression that appeals to me.
    14. I personally love them. About half my dolls have eyes like this, and I much prefer partially closed eyes to fully closed eyes.
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    15. I used to have a Minifee Marcia sleeping head modded to have heavily lidded eyes and she was gorgeous. I ended up rehoming her but I think the look can be quite striking.
    16. Half lidded>open eyes.

      I don't really care for fully sleeping heads, and I do have some characters that need completely open eyes, but I'd say 9/10 times, half-lidded is the way to if it's an option. They're so beautiful!
    17. I love them. They look so peaceful and lost in thought.
    18. I absolutely love half lidded eyes! They look amazing!!
    19. For me, it depends on the sculpt. I love wide open eyes, but I have seen some gorgeous half lidded eyes.
    20. I like half lidded eyes but they only suit very specific situations because it looks to me as if they're tired ( ^ω^ )