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Hallmark car

Feb 12, 2009

    1. I was wondering if anyone knew if the Murray dump truck (picture in link) would fit any tinies.
      In specific, Lati white and / or Puki?
      I also want to know what kind of fit it is :)
      Pictures would be great too :D
      Thanks in advanced :)
    2. What's the size of the dump truck? Someone here on the boards has a photostory with a Puki in one of Polly Pocket's cars. Sorry, I can't remember the poster's name. But Pukis are 4.40 inches, if that helps.

      Edit* I found Krissy's photostory. Here it is. Do you think the truck is this big?
    3. That car is awesome! If anyone else has found some Puki (etc) compatible vehicles do post them here!
    4. I have a thought that there are alot of cars/vehicles that would be okay for Pukis. When my Puki arrives, I'm taking her to the boy toys section Toys R Us. I've seen some construction vehicles that would work. Pukis comin thru! :lol: Now, where do I find a hard hat?
    5. Steal it off a male doll, like one of those fake GI Joes. It might be a tad big, but it would fit over the wigs.
    6. :doh Why didn't I think of that?

      Of course, the ultimate would be a radio controlled car. ;)
    7. That'd be so cool! I'm such a backhoe lover, maybe I can find a realistic model for my Puki??!! LOL. I'd really truely love that! Good idea for a hard hat too!

    8. Unfortunately I don't know.
      I haven't had much success in finding it's measurements.

      That's a Polly Pocket car?
      I thought it was a Kelly car :blush
    9. Yup, it's a Polly Pocket car. I got one today. Although, I didn't find any that were that pink-they only had a turquiose or a weird purple/mulberry color to choose from. I did see these Fisher-Price vehicles from the Go Anywhere Girls line. They are less realistic, but the ice cream truck and the truck with horse trailer are pretty cute. Here is the Truck and horse trailer , and here is the ice cream truck. Although, Wal-Mart is selling them for less than 10$-not 18$!

      Will someone with a puki please, please do a height check? I really like that ice cream truck- you can't see it on the picture, but the truck has all these raised ice cream cones and popcicles all over. It would so cute to paint them up. :cake: And there is a wiggling ice cream cone on top of the truck! :D

      We need an ice cream smilie!
    10. Hm. I might look into the fisher price vehicles.
      I could always paint over it, try to make it more realistic :)
    11. The only problem with the Fisher-Price vehicles is that they have a cut out on the roof. I guess you could just call it a moon roof. :lol:
    12. How about a Shelly Car? Or Kelly in the States.
      My Felix doll Brownie on the left is Puki size and Lilica is Lati White size.

    13. This is a Mini Cabbage Patch car


      Oh, forgot to add, the ebay seller forgot to tell me it's missing the steering wheel so Whitey has to play make believe driving........hahahaha
    14. When did Poppet get green eyes? Was I sleeping?

      Fee waves hello, counters with her own cool Kelly jeep:
    15. Minimo and Mouse go for a ride in their Little Tikes car:
    16. One of the Ladies from another forum sent me the Little Tikes car as a gift for Kitty after seeing the little photo story about Santa sending her the wrong size car.....wasn't that just sooooo sweet!

      My dolls make me just so happy, glad I have them and I'm able to show my silly stuff to others.....isn't it just great to be able to share all the stuff we do?
    17. That's why I love this hobby. People are so sweet! Especially in the tiny section.

      Clochette... Poppet had new eyes when the others just wouldn't stay in place. Must be about 2 months ago now. I like these with her red hair. She waves to Fee and hopes she's keeping well.
    18. They don't exist in Australia :(

      Anyone want to sell me one? :D

      Kelly is also known as Kelly here in Australia :)
    19. If it is any consolation, they don't have that in my area either. It's so cute, and there is room for two dolls? :fangirl:
    20. Sweetiemom, that photo always makes me smile, and reminds me of a toddler I used to nanny. He liked to get in his car and make it fall over, and pretend to be in a car accident. Macabre, but still cute and endearing.