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Halloween Costumes for Tinies??

Sep 26, 2007

    1. If this thread is not allowed, please feel free to pull!
      I was thinking of making some Halloween costumes for little guys. Namely BC, Lati yellow and PF (Mainly becasue that's the dolls I have!). And was wondering if you guys could give me some ideas as to what you think your little ones would like to be for the holiday? Thanks!
    2. OOOOH!!

      ghost.... anything creepy.

      Would you do petite AI size?
    3. I was thinking of just cutting holes in whie fabric and making Hoshi a ghost... I know, very original. ;)
    4. Cute! I would love to see a Lati Yellow Witch! Oh! Or a lati yellow pirate! I might have to buy that one if you do!
    5. I have done petite Ai. A bit bigger than BC I believe? And the whole traditional witch, wizard pirate thing seems to be a favorite. So I'll see what comes to my head. And I know it's a bit OT, but here's a pic of my own "dwarfgirl". My niece Riley(who yes, is an achondroplastic dwarf. Like the mom on the TV show) and my daughter Ali. I love them both to bits!
    6. Aw what a cute picture! Your daughter and niece are both very pretty!
    7. Ballerina :) I think that's what Tatum is going to be for halloween...

      But what aboutttt

      Elmo (Okay, not really, but it would be cute)
    8. OOoo your niece is very cute! Lets see I think that it would be cute to have a Candy Corn out fit! LOL people are always doing stuff like that to kids! I would love to dress my little one up like a hobbit! That would be cute!
    9. *tries to think of things kids dress up as*

      Hmmm apart from the previously mentioned usual suspects there's also vampyres or zombies or gypsies lol

      I'd personally love a sort of corseted wench/witch/faery style dress for my BC hybrid in a pumpkin colour with autumn golds, rusts and olive greens, sort of a spirit of autumn thing, maybe with little wings attached and of course stripey stockings and a cute little witchy hat worn at a jaunty angle!!
    10. Hey guess what? I met with my friend (rolopuppet here on DoA), and I get to have her Secretdoll Yoi come and visit. Apparently the same size as Petite Ai. So we'll see what comes of that. I'm loving the candy corn idea! Especially for the little ones. Hmmmm. Off to the drawing board. And thanks for the compliments on my two cutie pies!
    11. I have made dozens of little costumes - none yet for Lati Yellow, but smaller dolls like Lati white, So Orient dolls, Lilica, and others. If you look for Halloween Kelly dolls through Target, you can get some cute costumes at a reasonable price.

      Scary Halloween everyone!!!

    12. Oh! If you do a Candy Corn Costume for Lati Yellow! I'll have to get one! I'm looking forward to what you come up with! :)
    13. Ok, how's this for pretty stinkin funny? I almost spit out my soda when I got the little bird to balance on his shoulder!
    14. darn, i was going to do the ghost thing.

      i was thinking of going through the old halloween barbies i have for my cherishdoll tinies. not sure what to do for my other Yo size. :(
    15. Spampy! That is sooo cute! My roommie is gunna so wanna buy that! Its awesome! You always do such wonderful work~! :D
    16. OH my! Hope is right! I do want it! SO VERY Cute!!! Are you keeping the outfit or selling? Let me know! Thanks!
    17. It sold on ebay. I can do one similar, but not exactly the same. Everything I do is one of a kind. PM me if you're still interested!
    18. I would love to get a spacesuit for my YoSD Simon. But I think it might be easier to try and find one for a GI Joe and shorten it than to try and make one...

      It would be so cute though... Especially with a space helmet. :)
    19. well I don't have one but i think a good costume would be a mouse or a cat