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Halloween Elfdoll Hana Versions

Oct 1, 2007

    1. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2408094

      I just bought the "New" Hana Wizard boy because I love his paler skintone (than my other Hana Devil), faceup, hands and the fantastic pleather outfit & pointy shoes!!

      I wish he had the "smirking" faceplate like the other Hanas.
    2. dare I ask if he has a boy body ?
      I doubt it though

      I do like ...I prefere my smiley girl hana

      ...I would only buy him if it were a proper boy body ...
    3. Hi, Tinybear...
      I'm glad he does not have the ~proper parts~, because I plan on making him a girl, like my other Hana Devil, Caitlyn!


    4. LOL I would have to too
      I think "she is perfect as a little girl ":)

      Witch feet are the resin curl toe boots
      they are resin boots that attatch like feet
    5. Oh my! I love that little witch. Please hide my credit cards from me!
    6. I love the witch Hana! She has the perfect hair and outfit and of course that cute Hana face. Sadly, I don't think I can afford her, but I'm sure those who get her or the wizard boy will love her/him! :)
    7. I think the witch feet are the pointy toed black ones - you can kind of see them in some of the shots of the boy. I couldn't resist the girl Hana! Ack!
    8. I saw Hana on the elfdoll database with white hair and thought she was soooo cute. That angry face is too funny. I couldn't resist ordering her from Denver Doll when I saw her today. I would love to see pictures of other folks boys and girls when they get them.

      By the way, do they come with normal feet or only pointy feet? Sorry, I wasn't paying close enough attention on this.:)
    9. The new Halloween dolls are adorable!!!

    10. Is it just me, or does the link at the top simply link to this forum? I would love to see this new version of Hana!
    11. Nope I got that too, confuzzled me for a bit. It is actually a link to this exact thread. @__@