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Halloween ~ Let's have a doll Party for the little oneS : D

Oct 18, 2005

    1. Dear All ~
      ^^ I am the news giver D ~

      since halloween is coming ~
      WE, Doll heart has decided to hold a halloween party for all you lovely people ~
      hope you can join~

      I know most of you aren't living in Hong Kong
      but, I will update the pictures to share with you ~ ^^

      hope you can soon join us in the future ~

      by D
    2. First of all ~ let me post a little
      about my girl, and friends were having a small meeting in Dollheart ~

      my little bad wolf girl ~ Faith ~

      Faith with my friend's girl -- Sia~
      Look ~ halloween pumkin

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      River ~ my other friends kid ~ ^^ and my dear little sweet ~ Faith ~
    3. A Halloween party sounds like fun! I'll be waiting for the pictures! And your Faith is beautiful - I love her ears. :grin:
    4. Eep, look how lovely they are! Seems like such fun. ^_^
    5. awww~ I wish I could be there! I hope you all have fun! :D
    6. Hi, Di,

      Nice meeting you yesterday and it's fun watching you do the photoshooting. I hope I wasnt too much of a trouble or got in your way.

      I've got nothing but good things to say about Dollheart and their staffers. Will write separately about my visit.

      See you again soon.
    7. ^^ Hello every one ~
      It's me D ~
      Sorry to disappear for a while ~
      may be because of the changes of season~
      I was sick for a while ~ Y-Y
      Beware ! every one ~ beware of germs attack!XDDDDDDDDDDD

      ~By the way ~
      our halloween decoration is finally done
      so I am bring some new pic here for every one to share~

      Hope those who lives near by can come and join
      also for those one far away from us to share~ and join us through web ~

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Please enjoy our halloween shop~