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Halloween Party at the Volks Mansion

Sep 23, 2006

    1. http://site.volksusa.com/blog/2006/09/23/halloween-party-at-volks-mansion/

      Kuuta: What a cute costume, Tinatsu!

      Tinatsu: Thank you! I’m wearing it to the Volks Mansion Halloween Party.

      Kuuta: Oh, how fun! When is that?

      Tinatsu: It is going to be at 1:00 pm on Sunday, October 29th.

      Kuuta: I can’t wait!

      Tinatsu: Me neither. Let’s keep watching the blog so we can find out how to apply! ​
    2. How exciting! I wish the page would load though....anyone else having troubles getting it to open?

    3. Would you tell me how to apply to go to the Halloween Party? Do I simply send them an email request? Thanks.

    4. HeavenlyEyes - Volks will update their blog with details on how to apply :3
    5. Finally an update :D

      VOLKS USA presents an “Owner Appreciation Event”.
      Come join our Halloween Tea Party in the VOLKS Mansion.

      Date: Sunday Oct. 29th
      Entry Starts at: 1:00PM
      Party Begins at: 1:30PM

      Thank you for waiting! We are now taking attendance applications for the Halloween Party!!

      We will be welcoming guests with Halloween treats and our staff will be in costume, so wear a costume if you’d like to and we can enjoy the party together!

      Halloween Costume Contest
      Wouldn’t it be fun to get up on stage and show off your costume to everyone? Our president, doll artists, and staff will be awarding guests for their costume creations with special prizes. Submissions will be taken upon entry.

      Halloween Customized SD Contest
      We are looking forward to seeing your SDs transformed and brought into the world of Halloween! Your creativity will be awarded with prizes such as President’s Choice, Mikey’s Choice, etc.
      Submissions will also be taken upon entry.

      Beauty Salon
      Doll Doctor Mr. Matsuo A.K.A. “Mr. K.I.P.S.” will be running Beauty Salon this time. Application to the Salon is free and only for SD Owners.
      More Information

      We will also have many events such as a One-Off Exhibition and Lottery, a prize drawing, a Conversation Panel, and more!
      Let’s bring SD fans together and make this year’s Halloween better than ever!!

      Application Below

      Due date is Oct. 13th
      If we receive too many applicants, we will hold a lottery.

      Posted in Events, Halloween Party | Comments Off

      Halloween Party Beauty Salon
      October 9th, 2006
      The official SD Doctor is coming for the Beauty Salon at the Halloween Party. He will attend to any inquiries about your SD.

      Please feel free to ask any questions on body parts, assembling, and so on.

      - Free Service (SD Owners only)

      1. Please come to the Beauty Salon room for a numbered ticket.
      2. Please take your SD’s clothing off and fill out the condition of your SD on the chart sheet while you are waiting.
      3. Please see the SD Doctor with your SD when your turn comes.

      * We will see your SD in the order of arrival. Please note that we may not see everyone when we have too many patients. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

      SD Doctor
      Doctor Matsuo

      1. Body Parts check and maintenance (Parts and joints adjustment)
      2. Posing check and maintenance (Basic posing, standing, or sitting posing adjustment)
      3. Elastic Cord check and maintenance (tension adjustment, cord condition check)
      4. Please feel free to ask any questions about your SD.

      * Please understand that we will not perform the below services.
      - Sato-gaeri service
      - Parts Replacement or sale
      - Make-up

      * Please note that your SD might not be cured at the site due to the condition of your SD and our facilities.
    6. oh DANGIT, I might have been too late, because I hit "add to cart" for the ticket and it said they were unavailable :( :( I'm so sad!

      edit: I just called and they said that they're not ready to recieve ticket applications!? Has anyone gotten tickets to the event yet? I'm so confused!
    7. I wouldn't worry, everyone in the GD thread says they aren't being allowed to apply either.
    8. The site isn't loading for me right now. Is anyone else having this issue? *is guessing just too many people are on at once*
    9. It's probably all of us. No worries.

      (Edit) I got through!

      This email is to confirm the receipt of your recent order from VOLKS USA.

      Name Code Qty Each Options
      Halloween Party Entry event0003y 1 0.00 Companion = Yes
      Total 0.00