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Halloween Special Dollmore Black Spider Queen LE30

Oct 18, 2006

    1. I am surprise I am the first one posting this new edition. :ablink: Yeh!
      I mentioned about Halloween special on Kyle's thead last night & Dollmore
      must worked all night to finish this project & wala, here they are the
      next day.

      Bella Auden is just perfect to be the queen of black spider & I think Dollmore
      did a wonderful job with designing the costum & stunning make up, so spoooky & awsome.


      Her little sister Torrie, Cherry Dream, is also adorable. I can almost see the picture of them trick or treating together :lol:


      Hope Dollmore staffs will get some sleep tonight.:sweat

      Actually, I encouraged them to introduce Halloween special soon before the fever cools down & I think they took it too seriously, LOL :lol:
    2. Very beautiful dolls!! I really like Torrie! ^_^
    3. GOD!!!!!

      but I hate her price tag...><
    4. Amazing! Bella is my favourite Dollmore doll... even more so now! The face up is fantastic.
    5. I posted in the news thread... oops! :lol: As I was saying... Bella is my favourite Dollmore doll, and even more so now! Her face up is stunning! Torrie is adorable too... love the outfit! ^_^
    6. I LOVE HER OUTFIT!!!!!
      I LOVE HER FACE UP!!!!!!

      She's just absolutely gorgeous!!!
    7. She's amazing||| A good style for Halloween
    8. Eh - that link leads me right back to this thread...? :|
    9. I love her dress, but the faceup is not how I would want my Bella. Still, it might be worth buying just for the dress, and change the face...
    10. Love that wig. Wow. I hope they make a unlimited wig like that. Has anyone read the Anne Bishop series? She would make a perfect "Black Widow"
    11. I forgot to mention about their skin tone. Regular Bella & Torrie are only available in normal skin tones but both of Halloween versions will come in white skin.
    12. :D Wow!
      This doll is just so awesome.
      She is really pretty.
    13. She is amazing Hyon!!!
    14. Wow! She is gorgeous! Dollmore did an outstanding job with her!
    15. OMG!! Usually I'm not interested in girl doll. But this Bella is soo friggin awesome!! I luv her face!!

      EDIT: KRDollyMomy, Will Dollmore make a halloween Kyle? XD
      If yes, OMG!! I'm sooo lookin forward to that! <3
    16. Bella looks so lovely.
    17. She's WHITE!!!! :D :D :D
      I was going to beg and plead for white model dolls. *rolls around on the floor in ecstasy* Now I just have to beg for a blank one. This limited girl is fantastically styled and I wouldn't want to wipe her faceup.
      *degenerates into useless, unpostable squeeing*