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Halloween Special, zombie Urami&white Urami [FairyGarden-DD-Anne's handmade]

Oct 23, 2009

    1. [​IMG][​IMG]

      World limited 2 pairs.
      $350 each, sold only in pair.

      Each includes
      1.the doll with face up
      2.a pair of glass eyes,
      3.a pair of extra fist hands
      3.a crown
      5.a pair of boots

      They will be available on Oct. 25 2009.

      Height: 24cm
      Head size (around) : about 16.3cm
      Eye size: 12-16mm
      Foot length:3.8mm

      Hope you like them.:)
    2. how do i order?^^
    3. Welcome to my new website for more photos and details.^^







    4. [​IMG][​IMG]
      There is a crystal twisted by the wire in each crown, like a cocoon.
      What I want to express is the chaos between life and death.

      A cobweb on the left side of the dress. The spider is hiding for hunting.
      Black Roses on the right. And tiny crosses hanged on the edge of the dress.

      White Urami represent the life, so I use a lot of colors on her dress.

      Just looks like a garden. There must be a lot of butterflies ^^