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Handedness in Your Dolls?

Oct 30, 2011

    1. I don't think I've ever seen anyone discussing this, so I thought I might bring it up. Do your dolls have a handedness?

      Recently, I was looking through some of my own photos of my dolls, and noticed that most of them are waving/reaching/holding things in their left hands. I attribute it to the fact that I myself am left-handed, and unconsciously have made my dolls so because it looks more natural to me. You can always tell a south-paw because we usually wear a wristwatch on our right wrist (look around, I'll bet you can spot us!) and consiquently my dolls often where their bracelets on the same arm. I also seem to tend to angle their eyes to the left, if they are not straight ahead. It's not intentional, and I'd never really thought about it before.

      So I was wondering: Have you noticed (in pictures, for instance) that your dolls seem to favor one side over the other? Is it part of their character? Did you do it on purpose, or did it just happen? If it's intentional, is there a reason? Do you have a shelled character who is of a different handedness than you are and, if so, do you have to remind yourself make him/her/it hold their pencil/sword/whatever in a different hand too?

      Just for general information, I believe the current percentage of lefties is about 10% of the general population. I'm curious to see that's the case in dolls, as well.

      As usual, if there's a thread like this feel free to move/link this one. :)
    2. Huh- that IS interesting.
      My "Court" dolls have their handedness according to character. For instance, Kevya is ambidextrous, Lir is a righty, Sir Malcolm is a lefty who fights right-handed because he was trained that way.

      As for the Not-Writing-Character-Dolls, Copernica does seem to get pictured using her left hand more. Maybe that's because I like its pose. I don't know that I use a particular hand more often for the pukipukis... Ninnian my Daisydayes Moth is a righty. She's always gesturing with that hand.
    3. It never even occured to me to wonder if my dolls were right handed or left handed, but it's an interesting question! I had to go look through my file of photos, and unless my dolls are holding things with both hands (in order to actually hold an item!), they tend to be right handed, which I am. My new little guy always carries his favorite toy in his left hand, but that may be so that he can drag his toy along while he does other things with his right hand...
    4. I'm ambidextrous... I write, stir things when I'm cooking, use a comb or brush and shoot archery left handed.... everything else I do righthanded. I've gotta tell you it's a true pain in the tush when I try something different 'cause I've gotta let my body figure out how it wants to handle new tasks. I think my lifelong internal left-right debate has led me to make all of my dolls firmly one or the other. I'd say 90% of my dolls just look more natural to me being right handed.
    5. This is interesting. I really don't pay attention to which hand my doll holds things - maybe it's because I'm ambidextrous (write with the left, do just about every other task with the right). The only downside to being left-handed writer is that all the pictures or text on your pens/pencils is upside down.

      I've never pictured my doll writing, but I wonder if I'll make them right with their left hands because it's what looks natural to me, or that I don't really know how it is to write with the right hand.
    6. My only girl right now is supposed to be right handed; however, I'm sure if I looked closely that I've probably got a few continuity slips. However, if I ever get a DD Nanoha, she'll definitely be left-handed just like she is in her canon source material. All other characters will probably be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
    7. My dolls don't hold things. Their hands are immovable. They don't have a hand preference.
    8. I never thought of that, but my dolls are rarely shown holding items because I don't have many props yet and don't own jointed hands.

      Though most of my characters end up lefty at least once because I never remember which is which but am a lefty.
    9. Zoe is left-handed. Though, it was initially from a practical standpoint. I only had one set of hands that could hold stuff, so she would use the left and Saber would use the right one. But liked her being a bit different, so tried to stay with that.
    10. That...is something I never really considered before! So far, I only know that my incoming Iple boy will be ambidextrous because the character he's based of is. And I think I'd had it figured out for other characters (not necessarily dolls), but I don't remember those right now. I certainly don't know about my MSD boy. I think I tend to favor his left hand, though whenever I'm trying to get things to stick in his hands. It's funny, because I'm a righty (except when eating...I usually use my left hand with a fork. ^^; )

      I'll have to experiment with my MSD boy and my future resin army members as far as figuring out if they are righties or lefties.
    11. my doll seem to always tilt her head when i am taking pictures of her for the hand wise nothing special
    12. Interesting question! I'm right handed, so my dolls tend to be so. But I'm lefthanded for some things. So, in the pictures I make of them, I appreciate they have the same inclinations as me. Sometimes right and sometimes left handed.
    13. Interesting. Most of my photos show the dolls hiding their hands in their dresses or behind their backs.
    14. Most my dolls use both hands equally, thinking about it. Before I broke it at the wrist [never got full dexterous use of it back] I could use my left hand about as well as my right for fiddly tasks like drawing and writing&still do use it for many tasks it feels natural in (cooking, cutting&more general stuff).

      Possibly why I never put much thought into which hand my dolls use the majority of the time? Only one favours a specific hand and it's his left.
    15. I actually went and checked my pictures, and every time my dolls are either holding something, touching their hair, etc... it's almost always with their right hand. It must be because I'm left handed and seem to move what to me is "left" xD
    16. I am/was ambidextrous and highly favored my left side, though used my right hand for writing, up until about 2 years ago when I started getting severe nerve damage in my left arm, cause unknown, and almost completely lost use of my left arm all together. Now I'm almost totally right handed, though I hate it....here's how my doll's line up:




      Lucien (still a baby, too young to tell yet)
      Zack (character is not yet born, though doll is here)

      All of these are based on character, not just whatever I noticed. Amir and Loki are a lot like me in some ways, so Amir has OCD and HAS to do everything left handed, and I wrote my nerve damage into Loki's story as I was coping with it.

      The rest...well, it's odd. The majority of people may be right handed, but I have noticed among my gay friends that almost every single one of them is a lefty. I've also read a couple of studies that have concluded that left handedness is more common in gay people....and I seem to have assigned my gay characters to being left handed. All of my right handed characters are either straight or bi.

      Also, seems many artists are lefties, so my more creative boys are lefties, while my more logical kids are righties (mostly).

      I'm not sure if this is accurately portrayed or if my mind just makes these connections based on my friends in real life or if it is all coincidence.