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HandMadeGlassEye Silver

Jun 20, 2010

    1. I started a pre-order of August.
      12mm~18mm (Until August 31)

      please check my shop!!

      Hello every doll owner.
      I make a glass eye in Japan.
      I sold a glass eye in Dolpa and Yahoo Auctions and Japanese webshop so far.
      I can't make many eyes because i make it alone.
      One day I got an email "Please begin sale for foreign countries".
      Therefore I made webshop for foreign countries.
      If interested in the eyes please come to webshop.
      I'm not good at English. The English is very difficult.
      As for me, there is a Japanese friend living in Canada.
      When it is necessary to understand difficult English, the person helps me.
      Please don't worry.

      I make such an eye.:lol:

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      HandMadeGlassEye Silver web shop

      Thread: *EYE STICKY* - by company, color, type, etc.

      Japan dealer's glass eyes

      DolleyeSilver's Feedback Thread

    2. Hi Silver,

      I was just wondering if you would consider making your eyes in 12 or 10 mm size either for this order or perhaps in the future?

    3. I've been going through your shop website but I'm still at a loss. May I know what are the pricings for your preorder eyes; are they at a basic rate (normal glass eyes, special glass eyes, etc) or are each style/type priced differently?
    4. Silvennia, each individual eye color/type is marked with its own price in the preorder list. For example, next to the picture of the first eye in the current preorder, you will see this information:


      The price is the number on the last line of the information: this iris and pupil style is 6800 yen, in any size that Silver offers for preorder. And so on and so forth.
    5. Thank you for your question
      It's very difficult for me to make smaller and bigger than standard size
      However, I want to make it if there is a demand.
      The sales system is considering
      Probably I think a request and stock sale to do it

      If you already decided color and size please give me a PM;)
      I challenge to make
      forgive me if I can't make that size:...(
    6. Hey there! I'm new to your eyes and i kinda have a dumb question :sweat
      I just wanted to know, are the "instock" eyes available for order anytime?
    7. Please confirm each
      If It isn't "sold-out", you can buy it anytime;)
    8. You can select #1~#10:lol:Please click order form.
      Probably you will understand an order method .

      Don't worry.The order is not decided if you do not click the "submit" .;)
    9. Will you have Pre-Orders like this on a regular basis?
    10. It is not every month. :sweat
      When the order that I accepted was completed, I show the next order period.
    11. Thank you for the info. I have just one more question. Do you offer the same colors for every preorder, or different each time?

      (I only ask because I love the #9 eyes, but I don't have the doll I want to put them in yet. So I just want to make sure I will be able to order them someday after I get my dream girl who will wear them)
    12. I'm sorry to slow answer
      It is different with each pre-order. (For the moment)
      When an order period was over, there is the thing which I cannot make:...(
      Please ask about the past color of the pre-order period at the time.
    13. A pre-order August start

      order period
      From August 11 to August 31