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Hands, Jointed or Set?

Aug 4, 2010

    1. I've been poking around and staring at some dolls, mostly in search of one that fits a certain character of mine. This character has the potential to be very wicked and cruel, but has a soft side too. When I saw these hands by Doll Zone, I let out a squee of joy. Yes, my husband is still in shock. I kinda woke him. -whistles-

      These were jointed claw hands!

      They would be so perfect for him, I just need to find a head sculpt close enough to him with elf ears and a body and I'm all set.

      Sorry, I suppose I'm sidetracking here so here goes, on hands, which do you prefer?

      I saw so many different types, jointed, flat, curled, fisted, holding, one flat one pointing....how do you chose? Is it by character/specific doll? Do you like buying all sorts of hand sets for each doll, or just getting jointed hands?

      Has anyone ever gotten the jointed hands and regretted it? I'm very curious about them and wish to know if they're worth spending so much on. I know, not all of us view $130 as a lot of money, but between bills, car and house payments...it's a lot to me.
    2. While the jointed hands would be awesome to have around, sticker shock (and lack of resin matching for my dolls) has kept me from taking the plunge. I think I will stick with my current setup of several pairs of hands for each doll. Most of my dolls' joints are covered by their outfits, so the many tiny joints on the hands might look a bit jarring on them.

      However I know my husband would love a pair for his doll, if they have enough saying power to hold his swords... but then again there is that lack of matching resin and the $100+ price.
    3. Until CP comes up with something that matches Delf, SDF, KDF, MNF and LTF, I'm stickng with my PLETHORA of sets of hands that are all interchangeable. I love the jointed hands, but since no one's done one smaller than HUGE and in a resin tone that matches the bulk of my collection yet, I and a WHOLE lot of others don't have the option for them anyway.

      THAT SAID...I have one jointed hand on his own, he's called Thing, he's a very adorable pet for my mini's *nod*
    4. I like both, depending on if I want the doll to hold something or not....
    5. The jointed hands have changed the hobby for me COMPLETELY and TOTALLY!!! They are doll love of the most supreme kind. They have opened up endless opportunities for photo shoots and creative posing. I love them beyond measure. I wish I'd kept the original Unidoll pair I had to pay a MINT to bring home - when they were the only jointed hands available!

      Check out our Picture Request subforum using "jointed" in the search and you are welcome to view my Gallery images - all my dolls who can fit the hands wear them - Dollshe, Volks, Soom!!!!
    6. Hands are so very expressive! I love, love, love that my boy has jointed hands.

      Now that they're available in different sizes from different companies, I want a pair for almost every doll I plan to own, and I'm more than willing to blush them to match. >w<
    7. I intend to eventually get a pair for every doll I have I can get a match for. Unfortunately, my coffee BBB and RS are out of luck, unless I get really brave and try to dye them pairs. And the BBB is the one who really needs a new pair of hands-hers look like zombie hands.

      A friend of mine has a pair for her boy and I just love them. Check out Dikadoll hands-they're less than $100.00.
    8. I don't like jointed hands one bit. :sweat I don't like sacrificing form to function, and it's a lot more fun and rewarding for me to be able to create realistic poses with set-position hands. I do own several pairs of option hands, and would rather just switch those out as needed.

      I do think jointed hands are a really nice innovation for those who like them. They're just not my cup of tea at all.
    9. Jointed hands are not for me. Mostly because I am into the MSD size dolls. But even then, I much prefer the look of set sculpted hands. Too many joints ruin the look for me, and turn me off.
    10. I've never owned a pair of jointed hands, but like a few others have stated, I don't think I ever will. While the concept behind them is pretty amazing, I've yet to find a pair that as are aesthetically pleasing to me as non-jointed hands, and oftentimes in photos I find the numerous joints sticking out to be rather jarring and distracting, thus losing the realism of the photo as often the other body joints can easily be hidden or disguised.

      That being said, I'm not big on photographing or even handling my dolls all that much. For the most part they all sit on a shelf and look pretty. This is why I also don't mind that 2 of them don't have jointed torso's and only 1 of them is even double jointed. Things like extreme poseability and such just aren't high on my list priorities when it comes to my dolls so I'm perfectly content with them all only having one set of hands each. Of course it does bother me that my two DoCs have the SAME hands (I wish I had swapped one out for a different pair early on, but now after all these years it'd be near impossible to find a resin match). Despite all this, even though I'm fine with my dolls only having one set of hands each, the hands they have MUST be nicely sculpted and finished. For the most part I've never had a problem with this (though I do find it rather curious that my DreamingDoll body and my MSDoll body look to have identicaly sculpted hands...), but it's why I switched out my Angell-Studio Gus' and with some MNF parts instead.
    11. My DZ Hong has jointed hand from Dikadoll but they are waaaaay too loosely strung so they are a pain to work with.... but the are nice for photoshoots. They are cheaper jointed hands but next time I think I will just get DZ jointed hands.
    12. I've never had a pair, because all of my dolls are MSD and smaller. If I ever got a doll who could wear them, though, I'd buy them. I love posing my dolls, and being able to pose their fingers would just be... fun :'D
    13. Thanks Zagzagael! I will go look at them right now. :3

      Thank you, Isabeau. I will go look at Dikadoll and see what hands they've got.

      thesaraghina, I don't really like the joints showing too much either. But I don't mind them on the claw hands, I think it makes them look more suited for my monster-ish fellow.

      I'll have to settle for waiting on RS or BBB to make the jointed hands, especially for Divrak. He's going to be purple and I don't know of anywhere else that does purple tint. I do like Dikadoll's jointed hands. They look pretty nice and some poses you can hide the joints!
    14. It depends on the doll for me. I would love to own a doll with jointed hands someday, but the BJDs I currently own don't have that option. My Petsha arrived with two sets of hands - I ended up selling her "default" set (didn't care for the pointy nails). MNFs have a lot of hand options when bought via A La Carte (which I adore), so when I ordered my Rheia I had a difficult time choosing. Ended up going with the ones I did (#8) because they are so expressive and perfect for her character. :XD:

      Seriously, though. I love hands. They are one of my favorite parts of a sculpt to study. For the most part, I prefer them open and natural, but it depends on what the situation calls for.

      I will say I wish the 1/4 Ringdoll mechanical arm/hand set I own had jointed fingers like their 1/3 version has. The 1/3 jointed fingers on that look so cool.

      If the OP is interested: http://mintoncardinc.com/dolls/item...e=Mechanical+Arm+&+Hand+(1/3)&cat=84&DOLL=YES

      Funny you should mention this. :XD: My purple/lilac BBB Ariel boy is the doll I have my Ringdoll 1/4 mechanical arm/hand on. The fit is fantastic.

      Also, I have read that Angell-Studio will match resin colors for an extra fee (I've seen them make gray resin to match Soom's). They might be willing to make their jointed hands purple for you.


      I wish you luck finding hands for your boy!

      -- EDIT --

      @Chibi_Fluffy: I originally thought they did, but when I searched their site before submitting my comment I couldn't find them. Looked again and yep, they're there and were right in front of my eyes. :XD: Edited my original message to reflect that. Thanks for motivating me to search again!
    15. I adore~ Jointed hands. I do not own any but I am almost drooling over dika's * 3*

      Though I do like the overall look of "normal" hands I really love the style of Jointed ones and its just nice to do any poses without changing hands =D

      Pepper << I thought AS had jointed hands =O!??
    16. I really don't like jointed hands. Yes, the ability to pose them is great, but they look just so unnatural to me. I much prefer set hands. As for how I decide what type of hands to get if I have the choice, I usually just go with the ones that have to most potential, or he most general uses. Then I can buy others later if I want/need to.

      Edited just to say, I'm probably going to end up purchasing every pair of boy hands for my Minifee. I love how easily they can be changed, and I love the possibilities with them! Since I really don't like the jointed hands (MSD or SD) I think Fairyland did a great job with innovation for alternatives. It combines the aesthetically pleasing look of set hands with the different positions possible with jointed hands! Middle ground ftw!
    17. I have a pair of jointed hands on my Sard and they're such fun! If I could find more to match the size/resin color of my dolls, I would get a few more pairs.
      Though, I do understand where some people are coming from as far as the aesthetics of them are concerend. A delicately sculpted pair of static hands are a beautiful thing and one of the things I actually look for :)
    18. I don't have my first doll, yet, however I have the budget planned out to get jointed hands for him from the start. I, personally, prefer the jointed fingers because of the sheer versatility of them! I like the look and I really think that they add so much more posability onto the doll. Plus... it all depends on character. The character I have is going to really need those hands, but I can see why the static hands are such a hit. The static hands have such an awesome way of expressing things, but... again... I like the jointed ones :3
    19. Okay, on MY dolls, I prefer hands to be set. But that's because my kiddos are MSD's, and working with jointed fingers that small would be a pain in the rear. I have 2 pairs of hands for each of my dolls, but normaly I stick with the defaults. I have no problem posing them without their hands being set in EXACTLY the right way, since I'll take the time to make sure whatever they're doing with their hands looks organic, and not forced. Imagination, ftw.

      That being said, I CAN enjoy other people's jointed hands, but usually, I don't. The reason is simple: it takes time to put all those joints in the right place to make a hand-pose look natural, and a lot of the jointed-hand shots I see make their hands look a little HURR DURR. The ones that take the time to pose their dolls' jointed hands usually have brilliant shots, and it's very lifelike (joints aside!), but so many aren't, that I'm just not thrilled about the idea. If you're going to spend that much $ on them, and that much time stringing them up, you may as well fuss with them a little more and make them look good. Poorly posed hands make a good shot bad.
    20. i think i prefer the masses of magnetic hands for my pukis. and i'd love that option better for most of my dolls, however on ones that aren't so lucky, i think i'd prefer the jointed hands.