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Happy or smiling 70cm doll???

Jan 12, 2007

    1. I really want to get one of the Big Boys, ie Hound, DZ, SD16, etc, but what is holding me back is none of them look particularly happy, or glad to be here. A lot of my boys are grumpy, or aloof looking, and I would like to get one that seems OK with life. Is there one out there I don't know about that isn't so grumpy? I know the regular Hound can appear to have a slightly amused look, but still, it's so subtle. Any suggestions?
    2. I think the Bishonen House boys don't look grumpy...My Ace has the cutest little smirk, but I love my boy, he does smile to me
    3. my hound has a smirk too.. I think a lot of it is in the way you paint them :>


      if you want them to look happy, when you put the dark line in the centre of the mouth (where the lips join) just kick it up at the ends a tad, giving it a downward turn will make them look sad or angsty, does that make sense?? I am SO bad at explanations..

      HOpe you get yhour boy soon, big boys are LOVE!

      Seek peace

    4. Hmmm, actually I like the moody look of some of the 70cm dolls.
    5. Jessen's Hound Meikyou is the smiliest gaint I've ever seen (and is also my favorite Hound :whee: ). Hope they don't mind me posting one of their pictures of Meikyou...can't resist that smile!

    6. The Dollzone Yuu has a little smirk
    7. yaa i agree. probably if u ask for a custom make-up that shows 'em smiley.
      if you're talking about all teeth grin it will be..... creepy for a 70cm?
    8. Well, I have thought about because I have always wanted a hound for my dearest chara Gott, but I wasn´t glad with dollshe moods. I searched many molds from many shops and finally, i decided some of them could be happiest with the right make-up.

      But, I understand your words, there are a few of big boys mold that seems angry or sad....
    9. I have nothing to offer this in terms of helpful suggestions, but I keep checking back on this thread to see if anyone has come up with an answer other than Hound. :lol:

      I seems most doll artists equate big with brooding! It's true though, 7ft tall big guys who smile a lot can be scary! XD There's no reason that you couldn't mod a smile into some of the big boy's faces. I wonder, which 70cm boy head could handle such a mod best?
    10. I'm not looking for one to be GRINNING like Jack Nicholson in as the Joker in "Batman", but a real, sculpted soft smile, or a look of content, or a smirk would be FINE! Auuuugh....
    11. Imo, Hound actually looks pretty happy. Or rather he can. Much more often than the other Dollshe boys at least.

      And if I work hard enough... Orly doesn't always seem so malcontent with the world... but that's what I like about him to begin with so... yea. >.>
    12. I didn't mean to make you upset...:?

      I didn't assume a Joker smile was what you were looking for, but I've seen some nice soft smiles moodded into a number of dolls. A few big boys don't seem to lend themselves to that kind of mod, not the right amount of resin around the mouth area...

      Good luck.
    13. I have two DollShe boys, a Hound and a Bernard...both of them have this calm, content look to them...like everyone says, it's all in how they're painted.

    14. Yukinojo looks good-humored.

      LOL, I hadn't thought about it before, but most of the big guys do look a little gloomy. The faceup makes a big difference (as others have said).
    15. Hee! I am not upset, just frustrated. I would LOVE a Yukinojo, but the $$$$ involved is not an option. I DO like his more mature, more masculine look. The regular Hound is so sweet looking as well. Meh. I guess I will know him when I see him.