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Happy tiny dolls?

Jul 20, 2010

    1. Am I the only one who has noticed that pukipukis and tinies never look happy? The only happy one I have seen is Fairyland Pong. Does anyone know of any others?
    2. elf doll Bong Sun hwa
      Doll leaves have a couple
      Chibi Unoa have a happy ..manic happy plate

      depends what size your after :)

      trying to think of any more ..Dollshe Ru ..she was a cheerfull little thing ....
    3. i'm pretty much looking for 11-15 cm with 12- 13 being best :) dolls and companies would be great I want to look at them :) Also anyone with a happy tiny or pukipuki feel free to spam with pictures :)
    4. This one-Mint- is aprox. 17cm (Company is Rosenlied.com)

    5. Look at PukiPuki Cupid! He/She's super cute! And smily!
    6. I know my Pukipuki Sugar has a smile :)


      and my Bambicrony Ciao Bella also has a smile, most Bambicrony's do :)
      (mines faceless at the moment)

      and in the size you're looking at: the before mentioned Puki Cupid has a smile, Puki Pipi can have a slight smile depending on the face-up, PukiFee's Cupid, and Zoe are smiling. Dikadoll's peach smiles, and one of Asleep Eidolon's tinies looks happy. :)
    7. Macchiato resents that comment LOL...she's a Puki Cupid.


      Cupid2 is also really happy...so much so that there's that little tongue always sticking out! There are DingDing and DangDang by Dollleaves which are basically giant Pongs...there's the Customhouse ones (Raphael, Raffy, Popo) who are happy go lucky...some of the Felix Brownies are chronically joyful amongst a TON of others.

      Which size are you looking for and I can help hook you up with a happy resin...I know almost all the companies and stuff but there are so many happy tinies I can't post them ALL here!
    8. Here are some happy small girls of mine: (I hope here is allowed to post several pics?)

      Doll Leaves Dang Dang (16cm):
      Also the Ding Ding doll has the same hilarious smile and dreamy eyes!

      Tinybear tiny Bracken (15cm) and his adorable smirk:

      Fairyland RealPuki Soso (rather 9cm):

      RealPuki Tyni smiles too!

      Multihead Cupid - but Cupid sculpt is smily and irresistable also in PukiPuki and Pukifee sizes!

      Bigger than you wish, but still a tiny doll - Domadoll Okja (29cm)

      And Fairyland Littlefee Lishe (25cm) also has this slight smile:
      (So do Littlefee Rachel too, as well as Fairyland tinies PukiPuki PongPong, Cupid, Cupid2 and Sugar.)

      One amazing smile has Ixtee Mui-Chan doll, but she´s very rare.

      I think that of Lati Yellow dolls, Coco and Lami are the smilier ones.

      And in many doll companies there is a more or less smily dolls, if you go and seek!
    9. My Elfdoll Hana has a very smiley faceplate, if that counts! Sorry, no picture right now, but I'm sure you can find one on the Elfdoll site.
    10. Think elliriyanna might be looking for a bigger smile, like Pong or Soso.

      Have been looking at a lot of pictures lately.
      Kind of agree that it seems that there are more serious, wistful, solomn, pensive faces than outright smiley ones.

      Look thru just CustomHouse's site for smiles, the ones that do really stand out and they are not wide smiles.
      Fairyland is kind of the same......... not many big, happy smiley faces.
    11. Brownie Sara Ha-Ha is happy

    12. My girls are totally joyous - especially Doll-Leaves Ding Ding.

    13. Here's Po'ryu, my Pukipuki Cupid 2, grinning with his tongue sticking out:

      And Wenn, my Bobobie tiny, who has a thoughtful smile:
    14. I'm debating between Bobobie Erin and Fairy Garden Riko. They are both so cute. But I want a toddler :) first I have to get the lovely Angell - Studio MOMO :)

      they all look so happy. Sadly budget is my biggest problem.

      Has anyone else turned one into a baby or toddler? If so please post Pictures. All your little ones are adorable I love seeing them :)