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Happy with less

Sep 13, 2007

    1. In this hobby, I consider myself a Doll Hobbyist (though according to this recently discovered thread http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=160789 I am definetely more of a Dreamer), and not a Collector.

      I have the goal that I shall probably only ever own three to four dolls. Granted many would claim that those are famous last words and that with so many new sculpts popping up, it'd be near foolish to limit myself in such a way.

      But honestly, I'm quite happy to oggle other peoples' dolls, knowing that they are indeed beautiful, and acknowledging that that particular doll would be nice to own. Yet that I am happy with the dolls that I currently have, have no need to pursue the next hottest sculpt.

      I like having a small number of dolls, because frankly, I'd feel bad about neglecting any one of them if I had several to tend to.

      So, the point of this little tirade is, is anyone else out there satisfied with having only a couple of dolls, or are you out to gather your own resin army? :p
    2. I wouldn't want a huge amount either, but for more practical reasons. They can and do take up space. And when you don't have much to begin with....

      Ideally, I'd like four or maybe five. There will probably be some that will always be on my wish list that I won't buy necessarily. I, like you, would feel awful for neglecting any of them.
    3. I'm sure i've replied to a topic like this before :sweat

      I personally myself don't want a resin army either. There are lots of dolls i'd like to own but when it comes down to it i doubt i would ever actually buy them. I'm like Nenya, i'd like 4/5 dolls and i feel bad about neglecting aswell :(
    4. I really hesitate to declare, "I only want this many!" because I've already had to eat similar words. At first, of course, I wasn't interested in owning one, just thought they were cool. Then I fell in love with one sculpt, but said I only wanted that one, thank you very much. Then I saw Baha, and realized I had to have her as well. I have a sinking feeling I'm going to be looking at the Gallery or News one day and see the perfect companion for my Moon, and then there's the petition for a vampire and/or elf Moon, which I would use to create a particular character. So I don't want to collect 'em all or have a horde...at present. Right now I do want a few very judiciously-chosen dolls. I want to want only a few judiciously-chosen dolls. Next year, who can know?
    5. In retrospect, sometimes I think that I probably would have been happier sticking to a smaller crew... but at the same time, there's no way I can look around at my guys now and say, "I should only keep you there, these two and that one." Once they got here, I got attached to them. Now they're a horde and I can't part with any of them. :lol:
    6. I have two already with one partial doll incoming. I find my doll-lust lessening since I need to take care of my existing dolls better ^^;
    7. I'm afraid that little resin army has already taken over my house for their barracks. I keep saying "no more" but somehow it never sticks. These dolls are more than dolls to me, they're playable art. I definitely have a collector's mentality, always have & tend to overdo on anything I collect. Of course, there's an upside to this, I had lots of things to sell when BJDs entered my life.
    8. I had probably several hundred dolls (mostly sold) before I discovered BJD's so the ones I have now don't seem like a lot. More than half of the ones I have are tinies (less than 6 inches), so I tend not to count them. I am limiting myself to 10 big dolls, because I have no room for any more than that. I wish I could be content with one or two.
    9. As soon as I get a bigger living space and more money to spend (someday), my doll family will probably skyrocket.
    10. While I would love to have--

      (Beware of meaningless name-dump)

      Zarr, Mural, Yukio, Belial, Obsi, Mors, and Vachel...

      --it'll probably end up being more like Zarr and Mural (and Zarr's already on the way).

      Mainly because I already have Yukio in the form of one of those Volks dollfies that aren't strung, so I'd feel bad neglecting the mini-version in favor of a big one.

      My interest in Belial and Obsi comes and goes...

      Mors would have to be a tanning doll, and I don't want him turning green, I'd cry.

      Vachel would be beautiful...maybe someday. D:

      So I'm going to say maybe 2-3 right now. >_>; I MIGHT someday acquire a multi-person body and just switch the heads on it. XD
    11. I've got my own mini army, and I'm content with just them, especially now that I've added my remaining 'dream' dolls. At this point I'm just working on going cold turkey, which shouldn't be too hard since I'm not interested in new dolls or other brands besides my favorite company. Oh yeah, and I like the current number of dolls (its nice and even).

    12. I started out with the just three rule. ; ) But one thing lead to another and now I've given up on that army. Risen army here I come! :sweat
    13. Well... There's at least a couple more I want, but when I see people with like 20, I wonder how they can do that. I'd have trouble remembering their names, let along taking time for each of them! I really only want to own about 5 max, but now I'm worried, I always see dolls I like, I might never be able to stop! *_*
    14. I'm going to end up with a big doll family. I never started out with that intention, but things grew as I wanted to get bodies for various characters of mine. I don't really consider myself a bjd collector, but I do collect other things, so the idea of having a large group is maybe less intimidating to me. I figure I'll know when I've reached capacity, but I haven't quite gotten there yet.
    15. I think I will end up caping out at five or six

      Nanuri (still needs a body)

      Elf Moon (I am gonna make it happen somehow!!)
      My husband wants one... and if he gets a Ducan, I want an E-an.
      Then Moon will need a "friend.."
      And Catsy needs a playmate...

      Oh, bugger! That brings me up to eight!:doh
    16. I have 25...with a few more planned...I sort of wish I stuck with only a few, like 5 or so, but I love my crew.
    17. I can't fathom going past 5 dolls... by then my internal money-sense would stop me. I currently don't have ideas for dolls past two (maybe three if I had an inexplicable amount of cash/a third in the maybe pile), so unless something hot gets released and fits the part of one of my characters like a glove (or I get a MiniMee), I don't think I'll go very high in number.

      I don't think I would pay attention enough if I got too many. Heck, just dusting them would take too long if I had an army (my mother constantly nags me to dust my anime figures...I never do...). I don't want to fill my room too much or else I might accidentally paint on somebody during art projects and stuff. I love doing things with blood splats, so painting gets a bit messy at times...

      And I think I would collectively scare all family members if I got too many. Even my dinky Taeyang doll scares them... Then I would probably have to move out somewhere away from them and then the kids on the street will know me as the crazy doll lady that you should never trespass onto the property of unless you want death! *cough* I have a weird imagination...
    18. At most, I plan to have 4. Plan being the key word.
      Though I see so many dolls with potential. One of the greatest limiting factors, of course, is my wallet!
      I suppose one of the things going against me is that I don't generally find a sculpt to suit a character, I find a sculpt that I adore and then create a character. So my potential doll army is limitless!
      Though I'll keep with the mantra of having at most four.
    19. I have a decent number... but honestly, I'd be happy with 4. 4 is such a nice number. you can have a good variety with that too and still have plenty of time to play with the ones you have.

      I'm with you though, even though I have more than 4, now I'm at my limit, and I really am ok with admiring other people's dolls from afar. I see one and go "wow, that's really pretty, but I love the dolls I have"
    20. I have 3 at the moment and I'm quite content with it. I do want a girl in the future to accompany my boys but I am in love with the 3 I have.I don't want to large of a group though because I'd feel bad if I neglected one of them. I think 3-5 is my limit.