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Happydoll Arthur

Feb 18, 2005

    1. I'm pretty new to ball joint dolls--I don't even own one yet, but my heart is definitely beginning to be set on Happydoll's Arthur. I was wondering what his general quality is? I know he's slightly taller and thinner than other dolls, but I don't know much else. Almost everyone seems to go for either Margo or the smaller dolls from Happydoll, which is a pity in my opinion. I've only ever seen one set of photographs of him that came from someone who owned him.

      So... any information?
    2. I like Arthur too... and have rarely seen much info about him. I wonder why he's not more popular?
      HappyDoll Arthur Gallery

      Folks with HappyDolls -- did you order directly from HappyDoll.com? Hybrid-moon? or Domuya? I can't decide which way to go.
    3. I love Arthur! He's very much like Bermann, except cheaper and more available! :D If I get a boy doll, and I'm not sure I will (the boy bodies do not seem to have the same realisim as the girls) he would be the one. I'd repaint him, though-- those eyebrows make him look angry.
    4. That and the mouth. I'd probably repaint him too, once I got the nerve. Try and make him seem less... blonde. Some of the pictures on Happydoll's gallery make him look absolutely hideous. And then, others make him look gorgeous. I guess he has a nice range.
    5. I've ordered Arthur through http://www.hybrid-moon.com and Erzebeth let me pick the make-up :o
      Still waiting for him. Hopefully only few weeks to go anymore ^^;;
    6. I got an Arthur a few month back through Dumoya and love him. You can see some pics of him at the links in my sig below. In my Yahoo album the only pics I have of him are under "group shots". There's only one pic of him up on my LJ so far, but he's basically nekkid in that one, so you can get a better look at his gorgeous bod. I've got more pics to upload (eventually) but I'm so bad about updating. *smacks hand*
    7. I want Arthur too and yours is just great! I really like that silver/black wig you have on him- is that a Happydoll wig? Your LJ photo of him is hot***** I'm wondering how you find his posability? And would you consider posting nude photos of him in the request gallery? Comparison photos with your other handsome fellows (your Berman><) would probly make lots of us pass out!!!~~ :o*** Thanks-!
    8. Thank you for your compliments. :grin: I'm glad you like that wig too. It's actually brown and blonde. I bought it last year on eBay, I want to say it's from Can-Can but I'm not sure. I loved it as soon as I saw it, but I really didn't like how it looked on any of my boys until I got Arthur. It looks perfect with his coloring.

      Arthur's posability is pretty good. He falls right in the middle of my boys in that department -- not quite as good as Shiwooo and Bermann, but still better than Gunun and Kai. Actually, I think he's strung a bit loose, but I haven't gotten around to adjusting the tension (and possibly wiring and/or sueding him).

      I've been meaning to take some nude comparison shots of my boys, but just haven't made the time. Plus, I don't know how cooperative Bermann would be. Like Arthur, he desperately needs to be wired/sueded. I need to remind my husband (again) to bring home some wire from work. Still, I think I may give it a shot this weekend, maybe I can find a way to prop up Bermann. :oops:
    9. Can I just say that your Azazel is so amazing it shouldnt be possible?! *_*

      ...I don't know if you still remember when DoA just moved here and I was wondering tons about Arthur- and was stalking you due to you having just ordered him...

      *lol* And now I finally can see him X3

    10. Thank you, Annie! :grin: Azazel is definitely the favorite in my bishie harem... he's kind of like the pimp daddy, LOL. And yes, I do remember you and your interest in Arthur. I apologize for kind of dropping out of sight for a while, but DoA is soooo massive now that it's hard for me to keep up, much less contribute on a regular basis.

      And for darkofthemoon (or anybody else interested), I did manage to take some decent comparison pics of my boys today. Hopefully I'll be able to get them uploaded in the next day or two.
    11. thanks so much- I can hardly wait because Azazel and Draven are so fine!!!

      ~I'm wondering how you pronounce Azazel? Rhymes with dazzel? with appraisal? In any case-I love names with z's in them :grin:

      Thanks Cayora, for asking about Arthur- these upcoming photos of Kim's will be so helpful!
    12. W00t ^^ Thank you. I've been hoping to see some as well *points down to her sig* ^^;;
    13. Whew! Okay, finally got all the pics up. LJ photo album seems to be down so I uploaded them to my Yahoo album (link in sig). It wasn't easy, but by some miracle I was actually able to get Bermann to stand up, LOL! The comparison photos are in the "Comparison Shots" album, obviously. I also added new albums for Draven/Arthur and Fayde/Kai, and added some new pics to most of the other doll albums too, including some showing Bermann's range of motion (and ugly knees, LOL). I'll also post a notice in the Gallery forum.

      A couple notes:
      --Souldoll has improved their male torsos since I got my Gunun back in July of last year. One of the things I dislike most about Gunun is his inability to sit up straight, as you will see in the comparison pics. (And in case you're wondering, the dark spot on the side of his head is a magnet imbedded into the resin to attach his pate.)

      --"Azazel" rhymes with "dazzel" if you said it like da-za-ZEL (a-za-ZEL). Ever heard of a "scapegoat"? According to Judeo-Christian legend, Yahweh sent Azazel and other "angels" down to earth to quell the decadence of mankind. But they instead ended up taking human wives and bearing gigantic offspring, the Nephilim, as well as teaching mankind various skills... all of which Yahweh was none too happy about, so he flooded the Earth and banished Azazel to the desert wilderness. There after, every year in the autum (traditionally on Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement), Hebrews would take two goats, each wearing a medallion, one bearing the name of Yahweh, the other, Azazel. The goat for Yahweh was sacrificed to him, while the other was ritually blamed for all the sins of the Hebrew people then driven into the wilderness to be eaten by Azazel. (Personally, I have a slightly different take. :roll: ) The name is also easliy confused with Azrael.
    14. Thank you so much Kim ^^

      Woah, Bermann's knees are quite... x_X;;; that looks painfull.
    15. These photos are just superb! Thanks for going to so much trouble. How interesting to see the knee/calf comparisons and the sitting photo!

      Draven (Arther) has a nice torso! and his eyes and face-up are wonderful!! And the boys clothes in your first pic are great- I particularly love Draven's pants and Berman's gear...your Azazel, whose wig is also wonderfu-l is so handsome! Your other boys are great too- I love the face of your Souldoll Zen- in that frontal sitting pic he looks like an Egyptian pharoh! and I love the cheeky stance of your Kai and as for your CP boy-well, I've already ordered a Chiwoo- that body is so cute- I especially love from the rib cage down!! Sebastian and his apple is my fav! Love his black pants and boots in 041! Also your sweet angel Gabriel in bathtub 3 and 4 and the messy boy photos-what a living doll he is!!

      Thanks for that explanation af Azazel's name and pronunciationl- very interesting- I remembered the first part of the story but never knew that last bit. :daisy :daisy
    16. sorry- that last post is me.... :roll:
    17. I, too, love those photographs. Your Draven is gorgeous. Is that the standard faceup? I especially like the photographs with the... drapery.
    18. Cayora:
      Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed my photos! I'm afraid all of the recent attention on Draven his given him a sort of "Jim Morrison" attitude (that's the vibe I'm getting from him today anyway, LOL). Yes, that is his default face-up. One weird thing, though, is I think they only used one color of paint (brown)--I don't see even a hint of another color on his face. My husband thinks he looks like Julia Roberts, LOL! :roll: Yeah, the "drapery" pics were a quick shoot I did for Valentine's Day--I'd never really taken any... suggestive... pics of my boys before, hehe. :oops:

      Wow! You must have looked at every photo there, LOL! Zen, especially, appreciated you comparing him to an Egyptian pharoh... the poor thing, he's so neglected... I'm really having a hard time finding the right "look" for him so he tends to get the least attention. And I just received some new pants that I bought especially with him in mind, but they're too small. :( So I guess I'll have to see if Fayde or Sebastian can wear them. I know you're going to LOVE your Chiwoo. The CP bodies are some of the best BJDs available--their sculpt is so detailed and graceful, and the posability is excellent. And thank you for your wonderful compliments on Gabriel's pics... Mama's *always* love to hear that. :grin:

      Yes, Bermann's knees truely defy description, LOL! :? Now, what's really painful is when his waist joint keeps pinching my fingers while I'm trying to dress him! :cry:
    19. Hmmm.. =w=.. I have a dillemma, now. I really really REALLY like Happydoll's male body for Arthur, but I have the intention of using a different head on the body TwT; and I can't order the body, so far as I know, without Arthur's head. Gaaahhh... I don't suppose someone will want his poor little head, huh? XD;