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Happydoll Company Problems?!?

Feb 7, 2008

    1. Ok, the following post is from my room mate...


      Some of you might know that I've been having a problem with Happydolls. I purchased a Ray 17 inch doll from Happydolls e-bay site auction #200174157121 on November 21 2007. I paid $235.50 plus $50 for the face up to look like the picture plus $30 for EMS shipping for a total $315.50. After no contact despite multiple notes through the e-bay system, and e-mails I opened a E-bay dispute on Jan.10th, though it didn't do much.

      However, I've been doing some digging, and what I've found has left me wondering. The happydoll US rep isn't answering e-mails. The happydoll UK wholesaler has suspended sales indefinitely due to the fact that there are problems getting Happydoll to ship and orders can't be met. Several places that I contacted are no longer selling Happydolls due to supply problems.

      Personally, I would put off any Happydolls purchase until we can find out what is really going on. I don't want any of you getting burned as well!

    2. OOPsie. This thread was actually written by me. My roommate didn't sign out of her DOA account, and me in my frustration didn't notice.

      Dear Mods, I noticed that this was moved to company review. What counts as a news thread?

    3. It is true that I have not been carrying any Happydoll products since July since I couldn't get an e-mail response from them about ordering in more stock (I was negotiating putting out a UK LE of the new mini girls which never materialised)

      I was very suprised to hear about fatelaugh's situation. I can't believe that Happydoll would ignore a customer after they paid!

      I think Lucy Han must have left the company (she's the one I always contacted, she was always very sweet) and that they have been left with a lack of English speaking staff. This is just my theory.

      I have no idea what happened with Happydoll. I'm still waiting for the mini girls to be released.
    4. For reference, a News thread should consist of just that...news. :) New dolls, new companies, special events or promotions, etc. As this is a situation with a pre-existing company, it goes in reviews.

      And taking my Mod hat off, I have to say that I purchased an MSDoll head from Happydoll in December and it was the easiest transaction I ever have had. They answered my e-mail within half an hour and shipped the head out that day, even with some little gifts. Though I didn't purchase through an agent, from directly from their website. I was rather shocked to read your thread about their poor behavior. Definitely not good!
    5. I have just dealt with Happydoll directly through their website (http://www.happydollus.com/) and purchased two wigs from them on 6th Feb. I'm not sure if they were closed for the Chinese New Year period like most Chinese and Korean companies were, but when I checked back today, my order had already been promtly updated to shipped, and EMS tracking number was provided.

      I hope your problem gets resolved soon!
    6. Does someone have any news from Happydoll and explanations about almost all of their dolls being sold out?
    7. Just a warning. The happydollus is selling dolls again on Ebay. I'm amazed people are still buying from them!
    8. I have just bought a bunch of stuff from happydollus.com and it all went smoothly.
      They comunicated well and informed me that some things were in the middle of being re-stocked.
    9. Can I get some clarification?

      Is HappyDoll E-BAY sellers the same as www.happydollus.com (site is now titled nDoll.com though URL still refers to happydollus)?
    10. That is correct, Ndoll is HappydollUS, and the Ebay seller is the same as the old webshop www.happydollus.com
    11. Im noticing people have been having trouble mainly ordering DOLLS from them; I kind of want to order (only clothes), but seeing all this mess with them makes me nervous. Does anyone think they're safe to order non-doll items from?
    12. Buboplague,I recently ordered clothes from nDoll (a Dollheart SD white fer) and my order for the most part was fine.
      I have to say though,their website isn't Firefox friendly. XDD (Hates using IE) But yeah,my only complaint would have to be that I didn't get a shipping notification/tracking number. (In all my orders with other companies,I always got an email saying my order has been shipped,and in the case that it comes with a tracking number I was given that in the same email.)

      But the item was well packed,I even got a freebie dollie brush of some sorts! XDDD
      (In fact,it got here at the same time as a package that was shipped from Japan around 5 days before my nDoll,and they were both EMS. :| So yay for their shipping. XD)

    13. I recently received my white Dollheart SD Fer from them. I had no issues and they shipped it right on time. :3
    14. thanks for the answers! It does seem they're mainly having issues shipping/selling dolls I guess. I feel a little better about ordering clothing now though.
    15. Eeeep.... i ordered an AoD body from them 7 days ago.... am i in trouble? O_o Theyre doing free shipping, and with the pound falling, tis the same price for me as the doll WITH shipping would have been a few months ago >_<
      So yeah... anyone actually recieved a doll?... *is now very worried*