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HappyDoll FCS?

Sep 11, 2005

    1. While I was browsing the Happydoll US site, I saw this. "Only My Doll" seems to be the Happydoll version of the Volks full-choice system. Currently, there's only a boy version. However, all of their heads (even the girl ones, like Margo, Marin, and Lucy) are available. You can choose white or normal skin. I think they're still preparing, because the drop-downs for the wig style and color just say the same thing over again - I bet they're going to change that.
      The base price is $660 for a SD-sized doll, with a $50 fee for face-up and coating, and you can get "body make-up" (blushing?) and coating for another $80. Sanding is $65 and coating after sanding, yet another $35. It adds up fast, but it's still very exciting!
      I hope this means more makers will open an FCS-type system. (Man, imagine, say - a Cerberus Project FCS, or something!)
    2. Ooh that does look like a FCS thing... neat! I thought the Louis head would make a pretty girl, might be possible now. :)

      - M
    3. Freaking SWEET! I love Arthur. <3 Or rather I love his head. XD

      My mother also swears that Marin looks like a guy. X3;;;
    4. Marin? She'd make a cute boy.
      Now, Margo.....

      HOLY #@&)*$&#@, She'd make the perfect oldschool DeG KAORU!

      *gets bricked* Nooo, it's the cheekbones of doom! I swear! Quick, someone make a Margo-Kaoru!
    5. Margo would make a cool guy. XD I've often thought that too. I love the happydoll heads, but I'm not crazy about their bodies. :/ I can't decide if I want margo, louis or Arthur's head. I think sleeping Arthur. XB
    6. I've always wanted a Marin boy, but I don't think I like the HD body very much. Margo would be fabulous. Those cheekbones!
    7. OMG, a Margo boy *would* be a perfect Kaoru doll. :o

      I kinda wish you hadn't said that, though. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to look at Margo again without seeing Kaoru. >_<;
    8. ^^;; Sorry~! Looking at Margo and seeing Kaoru is a vast improvement on my end, though. ^^;