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HappyDoll Joining the Sunrise Dolls Family

Nov 8, 2005

    1. We are proud to announce the addition of HappyDolls to our Sunrise Family :D

      Please bear with us, large collection, Website is still being updated. :grin:

    2. Great news Janis....keep 'em coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Yaaaay! Are these just gonna be available to order from the site or will you have them at the actual store?
    4. I will love forward to buying Dim Dolls, ElfDolls and now Happy Dolls from you.

      You are my #1 Dollfie Retailer because you conduct business in a manner that is professional, reliable and just pleasant.

      Keep those dollfies coming.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    5. Thanks for your kind words :grin:

    6. Thanks for your kind words :grin:

    7. They will be available at my store as well :)

    8. Hi Janis--

      Do you know if the Tiny Happy dolls can wear Riley outfits and/or shoes?? TIA!! :D