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HappyDoll Mabel

Jan 3, 2007

    1. Im a little confused and hoping someone can help. I would like to buy a new wig for my HappyDoll Mabel. I have checked the site which has confused me even more as they say she takes size: Circumference of Head : 9.3inch(Use 9~10inch wig) but all the ones listed in that look like they are for bigger dolls and when I checked their wig size 7 to 8 inch wigs they have Mabel modeling in all the pictures. If you have a Mabel and know her size could you please let me know? Thank you for any input you can give me.

      Lelloytots :daisy
    2. I don't have a Mabel, but I've heard before that Mabel actually takes wigs for SD-sized dolls because her head is very large in proportion to her body.

      And I think they have most of the wigs in both sizes, so Mabel is most likely actually wearing the 9-10 version of the wig in the pictures.
    3. Cool. thank you for the info... that explains why I saw her with the smaller sized wig. lol. :)
    4. Hi Mabel can take the 8-9 in the Monique Gold Collection wigs because the cap is very stretchy. I used to have her and know that for sure
    5. Thanks for the info Grael I will have a look at the Monique wigs. Im not a real fan of most of mohair wigs...

    6. You have a Mabel! that's so cool!

      /useless post
    7. I really love your doll pic Babytarragon. What doll is it?
    8. Avatar? That's my Dollmore Momo. The pics on the site don't show his true cuteness I think ^-^

      Have you got any photos of your Mabel BTW?
    9. He's so cute!