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HappyDoll new HDE and HDL in the works

Sep 13, 2005

    1. http://happydollus.com/skin/shop.php?PG=board&Bdb=424214cb7a141
      Just checking to see if anyone added a new picture of Mill to squee over.
      And I saw these new headmolds.
      The HD Elf really has an open and honest feel to me.
      And the HD Lilliput is sweet but doesn't seem very expressive right now.

      Wow HappyDoll has so many new things!
      HD Juniors to be announced on the 20th.
      The new FCS option.
    2. mmhh I kinda like the new tiny ones face :grin:
      I will be intrested to see the finished results
    3. Hmm... I still like my Daisy better than the new HDL face. :) The new one looks too much like the European style baby dolls, it doesn't have that unique BJD look to me.

      Now if her eyes would just get here so I could take pictures... grrr! She can't see!

      - M