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Happydoll Owners - Discussion Thread

Jun 24, 2007

    1. We need a place to chat about Happydolls and share our pics, since you can't chat in the database ^^

      Please show off your dolls here!

      This is Celia, my Aida!

    2. she's sho pretty <3 are you gonna be bringing her to JapanEx?
    3. Thanks!

      Yep she'll be coming with me ^^

      Also hopefully my Happydoll/Volks hybrid, if the head ever arrives >_<
    4. I love Happydoll! :) I have 2 on my wishlist at the moment, including Aida! She's so pretty!
    5. yaay I can't wait to meet her then!
      I'll be bringing the two boys, altho one might be faceless ><;; and ma Soony if she gets here in time :/ I dun think she will tho x3
      buh..I love your girl <3 lol
    6. Babytarragon, your Celia is a lovely girl! Do you by any chance know if Happydoll are going to re-release the girl elfs (as i see they have the boys)? Just for fun here is a pic of my elf Judy, Serenity :)

    7. Your Judy is so cute, I remember admiring her before ^^

      Happydoll are releasing mini girls in end of June/July but when I asked if the orginal girls were coming back I didn't really get an answer...Maybe it's a secret!

      The new minis will have new bodies, is as much info as I got!
    8. Thanks babytarragon! I think the original Happydoll mini girls had such lovely, mature bodies (without the big b**bies!)- I hope Happydoll continue this aspect...though I wouldn't say no to smaller hands & feet ;) I'll keep my eye on the Happydoll site!
    9. OOh love this thread! :)
      This is Cho-Cho- our Happydoll Elf Mille and a more apt company name for her face I cannot imagine!
      She is always so charming and friendly looking :)
      Her baby sister is Monemae sister Bong Wah - they have matching dimples! :B

      "Oh Poppy Kitty- don't step on my toesies!"

    10. Yay Happydoll Mill! :aheartbea :fangirl: :aheartbea She has such a positive, cheerful look!

      I hope Happydoll bring her back when they release the mini girls.
    11. Does anyone have an email address or any kind of contact information for Happydoll?
    12. I'm also having trouble getting in contact with them!
    13. I loved the picture of the first doll. Classic.
    14. I can't find their message board, on their site. Anyone know if it's safe to order from them on ebay? I've read some rather negative posts about them...
    15. Mercedez has been a very special doll. She generally has a very special place right next to my computer moniter in her little green chair. She is the doll I take with me when looking for props, and needing sized comparisons. She's gotten so spoiled that she insists on going anytime I go out with dolls. Here she is:



    16. She's very pretty and you don't see her very often. Love the tie !
    17. I'm not sure which happydoll thread to ask this on, but does anyone know what skintone does happydoll match?
    18. Happydollus.com isnt working anymore, I suppose they dont sell dolls anymore :(?
    19. I haven't seen them selling dolls for a while, unfortunately. I really like their Lucy sculpt! Ndoll was momentarily selling some LE within the last year though, but I haven't seen them on their website since.