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HappyDoll U.S Site OPENS *Finally!*

Oct 11, 2004

    1. is happydoll.us the address??
    2. this is what i got via email from Happy Doll when i had emailed them expressing my angst over my attempts and failing at signing up on their website:

      "Hello. Customer.

      I am testing to discover problem of foreign countries shop.
      However, I did not discover problem yet.

      If subscriber of membership does not become, order is possible through e-mail.
      You are really sorry to give discomfort to use.

      Happydoll.us site opens in the end week in October.
      Will order directly in the USA.

      I thank really for visiting HappyDoll.
      Have a nice day."

      Course that didn't solve my signing up problem on their site, guess will wait till end of October when the U.S site is up and running and see if the problem persists!
    3. _That's_ why my order through their other site kept getting mixed up--it wanted to make sure I bought it on the US site.
      Roll Eyes


      But I think I'll wait for the new site anyway.

      Thanks for the heads-up.

      Ann in CT
    4. Oh, goody. That'll make shipping for Marin that much less expensive when I can finally afford her! :chibi I love HappyDoll dolls.
    5. The US site button in on the website now (Oct. 21 c. 10--), but the US site is not live yet.

      Ooh, this is as bad as waiting for a doll to arrive--which I'll be doing as soon as the US site opens.

      It just goes 'round & 'round.

      Ann in CT
    6. Gee I tried to get to the site and nothing...then went to the other site and all the heads are sold out???? I really wanted a Marin and a Margo head...sure hope this changes.
      Anyone else able to get to the US Site?
    7. Now there's an "under construction" icon, which is an improvement from "site not found"

      The site isn't up yet, or wasn't as of an hour ago.


      Ann in CT
    8. Yup, www.Happydoll.us still under construction -- "we are expecting our web site will be up and running about Nov. 15, 04." Oooh, it will be great to order in the U.S. , can't wait! :love Thanks for letting us know about the new site.
    9. Note, as EbinCan3an put up at the top of this topic, the address is:


      Make sure to put the .com on because plain 'happydollus' brings up the place-holder site.

      Ann in CT
    10. Ann
      I've edited the subject heading. Thanks for pointing it out.