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Hardest Tiny to find clothes for??

Oct 20, 2008

    1. Just wondering... I want to start making some, so I was wondering if any particular group of owners was in desperate need of well-made Tiny clothes. I'm thinking Pukis, but I can't be sure, so feedback would be great!
    2. Pukis fit into Kelly clothes, so they're not all that hard to shop for. I'm not familiar with the other tinies, though.
    3. I think the elfkin from Bobobie and dolls of that size, not quite yo-SD not quite small enough for kelly clothes.
    4. Bobobies, definitely. Although, they do fit in Lati Yellow sizes, but there's just not as much out there as there is for other sizes.
    5. Lati White. They are teeny tiny, and Kelly clothing is often too big. I think DDAnne dolls are also in this range.
    6. I have a Jun Planning Ai doll, which is understand is about the same size as a Pocket Fairy, and I'm having a hard time finding affordable BOY clothes to fit him.
    7. All my PF boy clothing come either from Zapf Mini Baby Born dolls, or from Margarita Rosa here on DoA.
    8. Tiny Dollinians are a *ugger to dress! *lol* A varied mixture of clothing from Kelly to Licca's sister (sorry, can't remember the exact name) are needed to make sure my girls atleast look decent. :)
    9. Tiny Moona and Bracken by Tinybear, though I think Bracken is harder to dress. They are both so thin and delicate.
    10. A lot of people seem to have Roxydoll Lucy and she is really hard to find clothes for. Shoes are easy, but that's about it.
    11. I haven't seen a lot of seamstress postings for Dollmore Banji dolls....but as a newbie, I could be wrong. :)
    12. Narsha sounds really hard too.

      I wanted a minoruworld junior leila but clothes would have been impossible.

      Boy clothes are very hard to find for several dolls i've noticed.

      Girl Baha clothes are hard.
    13. Oh Wishels definitely... I have had the hardest time finding anything... o.o
    14. I think you will have a good response if you make clothes for tinies, myself included. I have a Nari-Pon Pansy and even though Mattel Kelly clothes fit her, they do tend to be a bit on the large size.

      Aside from the Kelly clothes and some items made specifically by each company for their tinies, there are not a whole lot of clothes for them out there.
    15. I agree that ready made clothing is harder to find for them. I can't find Heidi Ott things anymore nor the Bratzkids.

      If someone is looking for patterns, though, I found a link in the Sewing section here for Dawn patterns. So far I've made a pair of cords and two shirts for my Moona and they fit perfectly.
    16. I'll look for the Mini Baby Born dolls, and at Margarita Rosa's designs when I can get into the Marketplace. Thank you! :)
    17. Bobobies times a thousand.
    18. Oookay.... thanks much for all the advice, guys! :) The Bobobie tinies sound like a good place to start, followed by Pocket Fairy. Any other dolls I should be looking at?
    19. Boy Pukis. You can buy Kelly clothes for girl Pukis, but it's impossible to find any boy clothing for Pukis.
    20. Yup, I definately want to do clothes for Pukis. ^.^There seems to be quite the market, so... yush. Would unisex clothes be as acceptable as "boy" clothes in terms of people wanting them? And what would constitute "boy" clothes, other than pants, shirts and possibly coat-ish things in less girly patterns/colors? *is a tomboy* :sweat