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HarryCato's feedback

Oct 25, 2011

    1. If you guys buy,sell,trade off me then please leave feedback here :)
      Or if I buy,sell,trade off you then can you leave it here
      thank you loads here is a bit about me....

      I love Manga a bit of a manga freak if i do say so my self and i have Shaneela to thank for that, I love to draw and create things.....art is a real passion of mine..Just like photography, most of the time you see me i will have my SLR in my hand... I rarely go out any where without one of my camras. n__n
      my new bjd means loads to me (Jane) as it is more than a bjd it is where she has come from that has brought back so many real magical childhood memories:D
    2. HarryCato bought a doll from me and the transaction was great! He paid promptly and was very nice in his PMs. Thank you!
    3. I was in a trade with Harry, he was excellent with communication and the doll arrived in lovely condition with some amazing extras! Very good seller! Would happily deal with again!
    4. Harry purchased a head from me. Our transaction was super smooth and Harry really was a sweet person to do business with. Thanks Harry!
    5. I traded my Migidoll Ryu for Harry Cato's Leeke Mihael. Trade went smoothly, good and friendly communication, answering my PMs quickly when we didn't knew where my parcel was. Thank you.
    6. I was in yet another trade with Harry! I recieved a Migidoll Ryu and a Elfdoll Tasha Reminisce head from him. They both arrived in amazing condition and I love them to pieces! Shipping was very fast and so was the reply to messages. I would happily deal with again. THANK YOU HARRY!
    7. Sold a Doll Factory Jinee to HaryCato! The whole transaction was very pleasant: He paid promptly and was sure to let me know the moment that she arrived! thank you so very much, and I hope to do business with you again!
    8. I did a doll trade with Harry who was very understanding, kind and enthusiastic through the whole process. The doll arrived quickly after we had discussed the details of the trade. She's in excellent condition including the fantasy parts and clothing. Harry also added some great extras and a nice thank you card! Thank you for everything, it was a great trade! :)
    9. Harry requested a trade with me to which i gladly expected. He is extremely friendly and PM's are super friendly and prompt. I recieved the doll the day Harry said I would in perfect condition. I would highly reccommend to all and would do bussiness with again :)
    10. We traded dolls with Harry.
      Transaction went smoothly, and the doll arrived in a perfect condition.
      I also got some nice extras!
      Thank you Harry!
    11. I was in yet another trade with Harry! :lol:
      Everything went smoothly, the doll is just stunning and she was packaged really really well!
      Harry was a pleasure to deal with and I am so happy!
      THANKS SO MUCH <33
    12. Harry bought a minifee body from me. He made the payment promptly as soon as he had the money and let me know when the body arrived to him. Communication was pleasant and he replied quickly, thankyou for giving my minifee body a good home!
    13. I trade my Souldoll Lappy for his Pukifee Ante. He's so patient,very comunicative and really friendly!!
      The doll arrived in a perfect condition :D
      Thank you very much for all. I wish you like the doll!
    14. I traded my MNF Juri for Harry's Souldoll Lappy.
      He was very friendly and enthousiastic.
      The doll is lovely - and the clothes are really nice.

      thanks so much!
    15. I traded my Dollshe Bernard for Harrys Juri 10 and everything went smoothly. Communication was great and shipping was really fast. And Harry was really friendly and nice to deal with. I'm really happy about the doll wich arrived safely packaged! Would definetely deal with Harry again! Thank you so much ~
    16. Here I am again, with another perfect transaction with Harry! We traded - my Lati Yellow hybrid + DollLeaves Lian for his Impl Eddy + Unoa faceplate -, and everything went smoothly and without a hitch.

      Thank you!
    17. I just finished a nice trade with Harry !
      I traded my MNF Shushu mod +stuff for his Dollshe Bernard. The transaction was just perfect, friendly communication all the way, fast reply... I received my Bernard few days before Harry got his MNF as I did a custom make-up for his girl. He is in perfect condition as described. Thank you very much for this great trade. Will be happy to do business with you again ! :D
    18. I traded dolls with Harry, he is lovely to communicate with, fast and friendly replies, he sent my dolls when he said he would and everything was perfect, he also let me know when his doll arrived. Highly recommended to all, thank you:)
    19. Harry is an absolute star. I bought two dolls from him on layaway and paying by cheque. He was amazingly good with communication all the way through and had my girls on their way to me at warp speed!

      Trade with confidence with Harry, and you'll make a friend two. Reccomended by me lol
    20. Harry is awesome! ***** I'm am super happy with our trade and communication was perfect! I would very highly recommend! :)

      2 thumbs way up!!!