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[ Harts & Souls bjd ] ShinyDOLL now has an additional dealer in the US

Jan 10, 2012

    1. ShinyDOLL now has an additional dealer [ Harts & Souls bjd ] in the US.
      They mainly offer special OOAK shinydolls and OOAK hibrids in their site and e-bay,
      but dealls any shinydolls, and outfits.


      Visit Harts & Souls bjd and meet the super posable art dolls!!
    2. Thanks Shin-san! We are very pleased and proud to offer ShinyDOLL as OOAK full sets and hybrids, as well as offering ShinyDOLL in her base model form. There is no bjd body that compares to the ShinyDOLL body for poseability, so we are excited about the opportunity to introduce her to bjd lovers!

      There are OOAK Fullset ShinyDOLL girls and hybrids available now for adoption, blank base model Thaasa III-s bodies and heads, and we will have custom ShinyDOLL clothing available on our site very soon! Check us out at